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Welcome to my blog! First off, I’d like to thank you for your visit. Every reader is important in the information age and your content options are infinite. That means I appreciate the time you’ve taken to look through the content I’ve created. Erotica has always held a special place in my life. I enjoy reading and writing in the erotic genre. I like other forms too, but erotica is certainly my favorite.

This year, I’ll be attempting the delivery of three projects. 2 of them will be works of erotica. The other in a genre I’ve not yet determined. When more information becomes available, I’ll be certain to update the site.

Other Platforms

I’ll be adding most of the short story and erotica material that’s upcoming to my Wattpad profile. Some pieces will find their way onto this blog but for the most part, they’ll be on Wattpad. Projects will be released much as I have in the past, placing access on this site and make them available on Amazon, Goodreads, and a few other distributors.

The Furtive Agency has been an instrumental part of whatever success I’ve seen. Every time I work with them I develop a new business relationship and a new opportunity opens up. Any inquiries about my services or work should be directed towards the Agency at the following link.

Furtive Representative

A Story of Lovers & Lust, Steel Man; A Flash Fiction

A Story of Lovers Steel Man is another work of flash fiction that lends itself to the erotica genre. Although this is one of the...
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Mrs. Baker; Attention from an older Woman

Attentions from an older woman Mrs. Baker is a perfect example of erotic stories I enjoy writing the most. Writing for fetishes is fun, but...
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Xotica 2, the third installment in the erotic anthology series

Xotica 2, Erotic Anthology Xotica 2, the second installment of my anthology series is now available. I’ve taken the lessons learned from my first project...
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Ritual Short Story Cover

The Ritual

The Ritual A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects, performed in a sequestered place and according to a set...
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Commuter Conditions Cover

Erotic Flash Fiction, Commuter Conditions

The Unfamiliar Touch, Public Sex in Commuter Conditions Public sex has an added element of danger that can take sexual experiences to more intense levels....
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A Fair Exchange is Never a Swindle, Swapping Wives

Swapping Wives; A Fair Exchange is Never a Swindle This piece of erotic fiction deals with two fetishes I was aware of, but only recently...
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The Love Drug, Black Erotica

Black Erotica from Luther Sault; The Love Drug,

Black Erotica – The Love Drug So much about the creative process requires its creator to feel some way. Writing erotica is the same. Requires...
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The Work Wife, Short story from Luther Sault

The Work Wife, Erotic Short Story

From, Xotica 1.5 The Work Wife is about a particular kind of relationship, unique to people who work in offices and office-style environments. This piece...
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