Anything that relates to the latest news, short stories, or adult fiction/erotica releases from Luther Sault can be found on this page. Luther posts regular short stories and free content that gives readers a taste of what can be found in Luther’s collection of work. These works mostly feature erotic short stories. Soon, Luther expects to release work in other genres including romance, young adult, and drama.

From the authors pen…

I have a lot going on, and like everyone else living in 2020, it’s been a tough go of things. However, some things are stabilizing for me and I’ll be releasing more in the upcoming weeks. It has always been my goal to provide interesting narratives about those who live interesting lives. And, to offer my perspective on subjects that cross my mind; especially on current events. I try to stay away from subjects that involve hatred or keeping others oppressed. In this effort, I try not to provide any political or religious views at least in terms of my own opinions. I may cross into these subjects as they relate to fetishes in my short stories or released projects. From time to time, I’ll be releasing information about upcoming releases and how they can be acquired.

I’ll be adding most of the short story material that’s upcoming to my Wattpad profile. Some pieces will find their way onto this blog but for the most part, they’ll be on Wattpad. Projects will be released much as I have in the past, placing access on this site and make them available on Amazon, Goodreads, and a few other distributors.

The Furtive Agency has been an instrumental part of whatever success I’ve seen. Every time I work with them I develop a new business relationship and a new opportunity opens up. Any inquiries about my services or work should be directed towards the Agency at the following link.

Furtive Representative

Oral Fixation; Who doesn’t like a good blowjob?

If oral sex or blowjob stories are a sensitive subject for you, I’d suggest moving on to another post. Oral Fixation, is a short story...
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Additional Seasoning; updating the Luther Sault Brand

Like everyone else in the United States, I’m suffering from COVID exhaustion, and impeachment madness. I’m sick of the news but I feel like the...
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New Anniston

Stories that focus on dystopian settings have always been interesting to me. This story began as a attemptĀ  to create my own story that involves...
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The Other Choice, Wife Sharing Stories

The Other Choice; Wife sharing or the other choice?

They say sharing is caring Wife sharing is a fetish that many people misunderstand. Some men, imagine and can fantasize about wife sharing, or cuckolding....
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Fearless Book Cover Design, and other things.

Book Cover Design by Luther Sault So much about what makes design “good” is what makes design art. An effective book cover requires a piece...
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St. Augustine’s; an Erotic Short Story

About this erotic short story I’ve said that I’d be working on adding more content in the coming weeks. This post is another step in...
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Flash Fiction Resolution

Flash Fiction, In the New Year and Beyond I’m taking the time to work on my New Years’ resolution a little bit early this year....
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A Story of Lovers & Lust, Steel Man; A Flash Fiction

A Story of Lovers Steel Man is another work of flash fiction that lends itself to the erotica genre. Although this is one of the...
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Mrs. Baker; Attention from an older Woman

Attentions from an older woman Mrs. Baker is a perfect example of erotic stories I enjoy writing the most. Writing for fetishes is fun, but...
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