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Artwork, New Erotica, Adult Fiction & More

I’ve been hard at work developing more erotica and adult short stories, as well as a few projects in a longer form. Those projects are well underway and will be ready pretty soon. Most of the new projects are set to be coming after the new year. However, there are a few more short stories and artwork I plan to release in the coming weeks. 

I’m also planning on providing access to my artwork in several ways. Some of these pieces I will be releasing for free. And others through more creative means. Whether that will be through ePub file or through PDF, that decision has not been made as of yet. However, I will be showcasing some of my work through the use of an online portfolio. 

Luther Sault Mixed Media Piece, Completed July 2021
A combination of sketch/freehand work, blended with some digital coloring and enhancement.

Content Delivery, ePub Files

For all of these projects the need for a better way to deliver these materials was apparent. I’ve invested some time into figuring out exactly how I’d be brining the content release goals to fruition. The solution for me has been converting all of my short story projects into an ePub format. This will allow the most people access to all of my work. 

Moving my projects to this format should work across any device that has ePub compatible app access. Ease of access is the goal for the my projects moving forward. The ways that people access content is shifting. For all kinds of media. And if you want to be seen as someone who is part of the growing world, you have to develop your content to work  with those changes. Hopefully, this way of developing content will make access to my work easier for you and others. 

Those new files can be found in my Library. In the future, I may release these projects in several formats. Including by PDF, ePub, Wattpad, and other platforms that exist for books.

Luther Sault Artwork, Dat Ass Though