Do you have a Work Wife?

The Work Wife Official Story Cover 2Offices happen to place men and women in a small space for several hours every day of the week. Things were bound to happen. When the first office building went up, the first office affair probably happened soon after. Men have had work wives from the very beginning. Whether they knew it or not.

Summary; The Work Wife

Evan, does have a Work Wife. Although, he didn’t recognize when the change occurred. But it had and the attraction he felt wasn’t going away. As the days pass, Evan becomes infatuated with his special friend. He begins to come up with reasons to leave his own station and find Tiffany at her desk.

Download, The Work Wife

I have developed an ePub file that will work on any E-Reader you might have. The Work Wife, an Erotic Short Story is available for free. It is my hope that you can find this short story and more of my adult fiction enjoyable enough to download. If nothing else, share this page as every little bit helps.

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This erotic short story is the first of any genre that I’ve released to the public. It marks a point in my life that I chose to go after my dreams. You can see more of my work on the Wattpad platform. And my work involving the Xotica Series can be found on Apple Books and Amazon. More of my erotic & free adult fiction can be found here.

The Work Wife Official Story Cover 2