The Other Choice, Short Erotic Story

The Other Choice, Short Erotic Stories

This erotic short specifically deals with what’s known as a Cuckold. How people get into the fetish is extremely varied and each relationship that practices cuckolding, but have a common thread. Power. It is a fetish born from the carnal desire to have power, or in many cases, to serve power. In this particular story, Harold becomes a cuckold without trying.

An Active Affair

This erotic short story follows Harold as he returns home early from work. Looking to bring some happiness to his wife, Harold stopped for flowers and his wife’s favorite candy. Unfortunately, Harold comes home to pain from witnessing his wife having a surprising affair. At the moment, Harold is not sure what he’s going to do. His head couldn’t hold anything more than one word at a time. Until the spell of shock broken and Harold knew he had a decision to make. He could kill them, and feel slightly better but on the whole there would be no real change. Except for in the prison. Or this could keep going.

What’s love got to do with it?

There is a real love for stories about affairs. No matter what the end result is. The Other Choice is something written a while back that has taken on a new life. The Other Choice, is featured in my Xotica series.

This story is also available on the Wattpad platform. I also have two works in the Xotica series available on distributor platforms such as Apple Books & Amazon. Check out more erotica and short stories here, and look out for more of my work in the future. If you have the time, I would really appreciate you sharing something you’ve liked. Every little bit helps.