The Love Drug

Self Love is loving others

Forgetting to treat yourself is easy, and a hard thing to do at the same time. We all indulge in things we know taste great, but probably not the best for our bodies. These are the kinds of things it is easy to do for ourselves. However, taking care of our emotional needs many of us don’t spend nearly enough time doing. Personal pleasure be many things, but in terms of sexual gratification; solutions can be tricky. Many factors determine the success someone might have with this. Chemistry, compatibility (different things), personal attractiveness, etc.

Women would find it easier to find willing partners, but would be limited by individual requirements. I actually theorize that women have the ability of infinitely maintaining a good amount of sexual personal pleasure. If she is comfortable with herself and knows what she wants sexually,  the challenge is finding those desired traits. But not lack of willing partners. Men have more difficulty.

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More Erotic Short Stories

I am working on releasing the third installment of the Xotica series. That process is well underway, however I want to begin releasing work I have outside of the erotica genre. Still sexy though. When there’s more information on this, I’ll be sure to update things. If you enjoy the personal pleasure of reading erotica, click here. There you can find more of my work. I have some exclusive work, including my Captured in Cancun continuing series available on the Wattpad platform.

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