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The Love Drug

Forgetting to treat yourself is easy, and a hard thing to do at the same time. We all indulge in things we know taste great, but probably not the best for our bodies. These are the kinds of things it is easy to do for ourselves. However, taking care of our emotional needs many of us don’t spend nearly enough time doing. Personal pleasure be many things, but in terms of sexual gratification; solutions can be tricky. Many factors determine the success someone might have with this. Chemistry, compatibility (different things), personal attractiveness, etc.

Women would find it easier to find willing partners, but would be limited by individual requirements. I actually theorize that women have the ability of infinitely maintaining a good amount of sexual personal pleasure. If she is comfortable with herself and knows what she wants sexually,  the challenge is finding those desired traits. But not lack of willing partners. Men have more difficulty.

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I am working on releasing the third installment of the Xotica series. That process is well underway, however I want to begin releasing work I have outside of the erotica genre. Still sexy though. When there’s more information on this, I’ll be sure to update things. If you enjoy the personal pleasure of reading erotica, click here. There you can find more of my work. I have some exclusive work, including my Captured in Cancun continuing series available on the Wattpad platform.

Love Drug; Complete Story

I’ve tried almost everything you could try. I’ve done a few bags of coke in my day. I’ve gone on acid trips with hippies in the woods. Mary Jane is a woman I see daily. I’ve done it all. If it doesn’t require a needle, I’ve probably tried it. There weren’t many things that could scare me at this point in my life. I’d been to the places they told you in school to never go. I did the opposite of saying no to drugs and instead dove head first into the brothels and opium dens of the world. I’ve experienced the infamous ego death when reality ends and a world beyond your body seems infinitely better than what you have now.

It wasn’t even the high I sought anymore. It was like cigarettes. Halfway through one you hardly wanted it anymore. You wanted to hear the click of the lighter, see the flame catch, then you only really wanted that first drag. The first hit of menthol that took the edge away. The ritual had become more appealing than the act. Even though the act made me feel pretty good too.

When the “Love Drug” hit the streets, I didn’t jump in like many of my friends. I was okay with what I was about right now. Trying to cut back on what I was spending on my vices, the few blunts I was rolling a day had been offset by a new pipe I bought. I honestly felt better using it. Much, much cleaner. And faster to the point. Some friends told me about it though. A drug that could give you the biggest orgasm of your life. You wouldn’t even need to touch yourself. A home girl of mine, we’d fucked before, but still kept things as just friends; told me she’d cum so hard she didn’t have to fuck another man again. My experience with her wasn’t amazing or anything so her swearing off men wouldn’t be much of a loss for anyone. “The Love Drug” sounded too good to be true. Every dealer in town says they got the best shit and really, it’s the same shit in new bags with more exotic names. I believed this “Love Drug” buzz would be here one week and gone the next.


It didn’t go away though. The whispers of something new and exciting soon got out to the kids at raves and college parties. Then the masses and pop culture got a hold of it. After that, the “Love Drug” got really popular. Strange thing was, for people who liked to party, it wasn’t a party drug. By most accounts, the drug was perfect for when the hard shit was done and all you wanted to do was get your rocks off. There wasn’t a such thing a bad batch. It didn’t look like anything else and you couldn’t fake it. You couldn’t even get arrested for it yet.

I heard a woman talking about it on the phone, waiting with the twelve other customers in a Chipotle line. The woman hadn’t even bothered lowering her voice, instead the person on the other end of her call and all the Chipotle customers got a great telling of her evening. “I woke up this morning and was thinking I’d just get another one in before work, and girl you better believe I called in sick after.” The woman had said to her friend. I was only two people behind the woman in line and after that, I made the decision to try the Love Drug.

I bought some that same night. One of my regular dealers had some. He gave me some advice and said I should buy more than one dose as it sold pretty quick. I took the advice and bought six capsules. I left as quick as I’d come. A few words with familiar faces, one or two more stops and then I’m off of the strip as soon as possible. The neighborhood I lived in was quiet when I pulled into my driveway. The most activity that ever happened here were kids getting on the bus in the morning and a fire that was the talk of the neighborhood for two months. The two story house I lived in was a good fit for me. Big enough to stretch out in but not too big to enjoy. The thought of having too much house always bothered me. Seemed like you couldn’t really live in it and the cleaning for mansions and the like must be a real pain.

I went inside and flopped on my couch. The TV was already on. I’d bought beer while I was out and I cracked one of them open. I stayed to myself when I wasn’t working. Never been much of the type to hang with guys in my free time. A women always cost you something. So, I stayed alone and enjoyed my vices at home. Some nights I’d go to a bar, but I preferred the house.

I didn’t like to jump right in to any drug. You’d know when you wanted it. A Hawks game was on and I watched since there was nothing better that could be found. I did the social media rounds on my phone with one hand and rolled a joint with the other. Another part of my ritual. Once rolled, I lit it enjoying the strong sweet and sour flavor of the weed I had. A few more minutes of watching the home team lose had me ready to see what this “Love Drug” was all about.

It didn’t have a taste like coke has when it stung the back of your nose and you caught that drain. There wasn’t a kick. All I could taste was the coating on the tablets. A good swig of beer washed that away and all there was left was to wait. In my experience, drugs that kicked in slowly tended to have the strongest effects. Seemed like the Love Drug would be in the same category. Thirty minutes and two more beers had gone by and I didn’t feel anything abnormal. In fact, I couldn’t feel anything. I’ve experienced my tongue going numb from very good coke, but, never my whole body. I could move. I could see and had a general sense I was touching something, but, I couldn’t “feel” anything. I knew I was sitting down, but couldn’t feel the couch underneath me. The sensation of being and “not-being” is the best way I could think to describe what this experience was like.


A few moments later, the room changed for me. I couldn’t focus my eyes on any one particular thing. I didn’t panic though. The worst thing you can do in any situation was panic. Like acid, the best thing to do is remember you control your own mind, you can make yourself calm. I’ve never had trouble handling substances. I could feel sensations in my fingers. The tingle of arousal crept up my arm. Moments later that arousal found my neck, my chest. My heart quickened in a good way.


I felt my cock straining in my pants. I took them off. I could barely manage as each time I touched my own body the intensity of sensation increased. My eyes opened and closed on their own with pleasure. I hadn’t touched my cock at all and it was rock solid. Looking down at my own pulsing dick did something for me and my eyes rolled back into my skull. A vision born from my own mind materialized before my eyes. It began like wisps of color in front of me. The tendrils formed curves and soft features. The apparition pulled itself together in the form of what I could only describe as a goddess. Skin, though I knew it couldn’t be real, but what I saw was flawless. Impossibly smooth. Rich in color. Naked and proud, the vision oozed sexual energy. I could see it roll off the form of the figure.

Faceless, though nothing about its appearance was revolting. The abnormal seemed to arouse me more. It moved closer and I could feel heat radiating from it. When it was close enough to touch, I dared not reach out. I couldn’t move. I was caught in sensation. The figure climbed over my sitting body. Somehow, my cock felt the warmth of a womb. My body arched in it’s position. Sensation had engulfed my body and I moved without thought. Every nerve I had hummed in pleasure. I said things, but I have no idea what they meant. I was beyond rational thought. The figure on me shifted, and I felt more weight on my body. It intensified every sensation. My body was desperate for a release.

The climax began at my toes, rising up my legs and my ass cheeks involuntarily clinched. I felt bliss, my cum exploded and my eyes saw white. My body shuddered and I said more things I couldn’t understand. The explosion seemed infinite. Continuous pleasure from a single point in my body. The heavy ooze of cum hitting my legs intensified the feeling and prolonged the orgasm.

When things calmed enough to see my surroundings, the sun was up, rays peaking beneath my curtains. The bag the “Love drug” was in lay half used on my coffee table and the clock read 8:45 am.

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