Last Minute Shopping; That Extra Mile

This COVID-19 pandemic has effected so many things. Especially things that we’ve taken for granted for so long. So much chaos and uncertainty have been...
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Luther Sault Mixed Media Piece, Completed June 2021

Updates; Artwork, New Erotica, Adult Fiction & More

Artwork, New Erotica, Adult Fiction & More I’ve been hard at work developing more erotica and adult short stories, as well as a few projects...
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Sault Sketches, Original Erotic Art

Sault Sketches, Original Erotic Art I’ve been working on several things at once, which is why I’ve been delayed with my release scheduling. However, I...
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Crime of Opportunity Cover

A Crime of Fantasy, The Need for Control

A Dangerous Fantasy Fantasies can be powerful motivators. Desire a driving force in the decisions anybody would make. In a way, sex could be seen...
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Luther Sault, Generic Cover

The Fight Against Boredom, Stories for short Attention Spans

The Fight Against Boredom, Stories for short Attention Spans Technology has given us so many things to entertain ourselves. Yet, more and more I’ve heard...
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The Love Drug Official Cover

The Love Drug; A Personal Pleasure Story

Self Love is loving others Forgetting to treat yourself is easy, and a hard thing to do at the same time. We all indulge in...
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My short stories are now only available in ePub form. It’s a better process of providing these projects and allows the greatest number of people access to my work. You can download my projects from the Library page. 

Stories Can be Short & Sweet, especially Adult Fiction

For the latest adult fiction, erotica, or any of my short story projects; you have reached the right place. Time is becoming more precious than ever, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fulfilling your brain. My stories are perfect for those bus commutes home, or even in the terminal waiting on a red-eye.

Why Adult Fiction & Erotica?

Reading, like food, is developed differently in every individual. Adult fiction is a genre that serves a wide variety of personalities and thinkers. That means I can often find stories in unexpected places when I look to read adult fiction or anything else for that matter. If it’s good and I enjoy reading it. I will. This has transitioned to my work as an artist, and as a writer. I make it a point to move one dream forward daily. Even if it’s only a little bit at a time.

Whispers from the Past; A digital art piece from the adult fiction author, Luther Sault
Whispers from the Past; A digital art piece from the adult fiction author, Luther Sault

As the genres name implies, the stories in adult fiction that I write is intended for adults. This also means I don’t shy away from hard topics that are sure to make some people uncomfortable. If you have these traumas in your life, I sympathize and have always championed the eradication of  hate. The work I do, not only in adult fiction, but several if not every writing form I possibly can.

More importantly, I write stories I think are compelling in adult fiction and erotica. My stories are for freaks. Written for the people who are not afraid, and instead embrace the filthiest of their fantasies. I have an Anthology that’s the perfect place to begin your journey into your own desires. Check out Xotica 2.

Connect with Sault

It’s easy to reach out to me. Click here, to do so through my contact form. But, I can also be reached through any of my social media handles. “@luthersault”; works on all of the major social media platforms. I’m also proud to be an Agent and part of the Furtive Agency Network of businesses, professionals, and entertainers. More often than not, we are all a combination of the three.