The Fight Against Boredom, Stories for short Attention Spans

Luther Sault, Generic Cover

Digital Art from SAULT; The Fight Against Boredom, Stories for short Attention Spans

Technology has given us so many things to entertain ourselves. Yet, more and more I’ve heard people say they are bored. Especially in the times we’re living in. Boredom has effected me, and honestly it did well before the world was living in a pandemic. However, these more recent experiments have pushed me to rediscover the most effective ways to combat boredom in my own life.

I have always enjoyed reading. I have since my childhood. My first memories are times my mother and I would read together. If I wasn’t in some activity, or playing with friends, I’d be reading a book. I was never bored. The concept of boredom would have been confusing to the younger me. But, the words still become images in my mind and before I know it, the book is over. And then I want another one. That has been the routine for my reading interests for about 28 years. I’ve also found that as I get older, I lack the time to complete certain kinds books. Especially long form novels or sagas.

I’ve been into anthologies and short stories for at least the last ten years. And short story anthologies are great ways to expose yourself to all kinds of new ideas and concepts. Boredom, at least for me, as been at an all time low during the pandemic. And I can only credit one thing. Short stories & erotica.


Books are not the only form of reading I enjoy, but every form I find less and less time for. This is where short stories come in. I love to read fiction. And that love of reading fiction has led to me writing it. Because I know my attention span has been shortened significantly, I can guess that’s the case for many readers. Short stories provide that dose of fiction I enjoy, contained in a form I can finish in the time working adults have.

Erotica can be cathartic all on its own. Short stories in erotica provide the same entertainment level as traditional novels. But, you can finish the stories or stories in a fraction of the time. Short stories, especially erotica & adult fiction in general can be a perfect bathroom companion. Or during long commutes on public transportation. Short stories read well on many device types, and e-readers and buffering don’t exist.

I write my stories with everything mentioned here in mind. I love good stories and being a conduit for stories is what I aspire to get better at every day. Fight your own boredom and check out some of my erotica and adult fiction. I also have some exclusive content on the Wattpad platform. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. Follow me on any social app/website (@luthersault); or via my contact page.