The Work Wife Official Story Cover 2
Do you have a Work Wife? Offices happen to place men and women in a small space for several hours every day of the week. Things were bound to happen. When the first office building went up, the first office affair probably happened soon after. Men have had work wives from the very beginning. Whether...
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What’s the News? Captured in Cancun is a project I’ve been working on since the start of my writing career. Exclusively on the Wattpad platform, I have been crafting more of this story and those chapters will be added soon. I’ve taken some time to bring some of my other projects to life. But, that...
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Swapping Spouses, a Shared Affair Corrected Cover
Swapping Spouses is a short story about two couples who have found happiness in a way that is contrary to most people’s beliefs. Swapping spouses is completely different from the 90’s TV show. In the show, the couples swapped spouses but nothing of a sexual nature occurred. As far as the audience knew. In this...
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