erotic adult stories
Braced Faced Stacy, Original Cover
The Social Structure By the time any of us are college-aged in America, there can be several hats you wear. The old terms for grouping or categorizing students in schools are dying and terms such as jocks, or nerds are being used less and less. But, there are some places in the country that things...
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Xotica Volume 1. Remastered Corretced Cover
Xotica; Remastered – The remastered Xotica Short Stories is Luther Sault improving upon some previous work with a few story revisions and, a few additional pieces. Luther Sault is self-published and creates everything you see from the Sault brand. This project is available on Apple Books, Amazon, and other E-Reader/E-Book platforms.  The Xotica Series Erotica...
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