adult stories
The Love Drug Official Cover
Self Love is loving others Forgetting to treat yourself is easy, and a hard thing to do at the same time. We all indulge in things we know taste great, but probably not the best for our bodies. These are the kinds of things it is easy to do for ourselves. However, taking care of...
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Braced Faced Stacy, Original Cover
The Social Structure By the time any of us are college-aged in America, there can be several hats you wear. The old terms for grouping or categorizing students in schools are dying and terms such as jocks, or nerds are being used less and less. But, there are some places in the country that things...
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Xotica Part 2, Official Cover
Xotica, Part 2 – Available Now Xotica 2, is a celebration of the right to explore sexual desire and the human condition. It doesn’t shy away from the taboo or the strange. The Xotica series is an effort to allow readers to experience the strange fetishes and fantasies that they may be impossible in their...
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Sweet & Saulty Anthology, Official Cover
A Sweet & Saulty Anthology is a collection of adult stories, perfect for reading on those boring flights or train rides. The stories in Xotica are not for the faint of heart. Luther is willing to pursue the inclinations of lust to the very end. Willing to explore the essence of what’s taboo. This anthology...
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