A Story of Lovers & Lust, Steel Man; A Flash Fiction

A Story of Lovers

Steel Man is another work of flash fiction that lends itself to the erotica genre. Although this is one of the more tame stories I’ve written, Steel Man highlights a theme that I’m very familiar with. Lovers in the workplace.

Steel Man

Crew Chief, Martin Miller, had the full amount of gear on. Yellow, standard hard hat, advanced movement fire suit, and thick industrial boots. Beads of sweat had formed on his brow. His face strained as if lending a helping hand on the mill floor. Martin was working hard, but not at forging industrial steel. His efforts were focused on the wide hips and luscious ass of the woman bent over in front of him. His fire-resistant pants were down around his ankles while Martin made calculated strokes, his hands clutching her massive ass cheeks.

The wedding ring he wore didn’t cause any regret for Martin. He was certain his wife had a few lovers on the side and instead of making an issue out of it, Martin thought it better to have some fun of his own. Stacey, the woman he was having the affair with, knew he was married and still liked to have his dick for lunch. Don’t ask, don’t tell, right? Considering he’d gotten married before pre-nuptials were popular, divorce would have been considerably more expensive.

Stacy had worn a dress and it was bunched up around her waist. Martin changed his grip, gathering up the material in his hand to thrust with more force. “Fuck me,” Stacy panted, and Martin complied with more intensity. Stacy had an orgasm that caused her legs to shake standing up and Martin continued to fuck even as the deluge rushed from Stacy’s body. There was no way he wasn’t exploding himself after her performance and in the aftermath, the two of them fell where they were on her desk.

Martin gathered himself and in a last act of dominance, cleaned his cock off with the fabric of Stacy’s dress. He got hard again but had already been in her office for too long. People would get suspicious. The heavy machinery close by was very loud, but you could never be too careful and voices for some reason always seemed to carry. Martin stepped from her exposed body and walked to the door. When he opened it, he made sure to say clearly so that the few people at desks outside her office to hear, “Thank you for understanding Mrs. Henson, and all your help.”