St. Augustine’s; an Erotic Short Story

About this erotic short story

I’ve said that I’d be working on adding more content in the coming weeks. This post is another step in that direction. I’ve decided to offer a piece written for the next installment of the Xotica series. The following short is about a young man who finds himself at a Catholic church during mass. This erotic short is a project meant as practice for developing content quickly. All in an effort to release more short story content this year. Check back often for updates and new projects I’ve added.

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St. Augustine’s

Derrick wasn’t Catholic but found himself in a cathedral during a Sunday mass. It was about what he’d expected. The large stones and stained glass resonated with age and power. An effect Derrick was certain was purposeful. St. Augustine’s Cathedral had stood where it was since 1833. That was what the sign outside said. Derrick had read it on the way in. Technically, Derrick was at mass, but he wasn’t really attending. Instead, Derrick waited and half-listened to the ceremonies through the small, dark space of the confessional.

Beth would join him any minute. Mary Beth Randal, people called her Beth, is an all-American beauty. The kind of beautiful that had a young man sneaking into a confessional. Derrick was all in now and had a little buzz from the adrenaline.

When the door of the booth opened, he nearly fainted. He recovered as he saw Beth’s face in shadow. She was still stunning and his dick was so hard, Derrick was afraid he’d rip a hole through his pants. Whatever lotion or perfume Beth wore hit Derrick in full force as she squeezed into the booth with him.

“Hey,” she said with a devilish look in her eyes.

“Hey,” Derrick whispered back. Beth looked much calmer than he felt. “Are you sure we won’t get caught?”

“That’s what makes it exciting, right?” Beth asked as she pulled out a hair tie, flinging her hair back behind her shoulders in the same motion. Derrick really couldn’t argue, he was excited. The threat of getting caught loomed over his head, but really, what could really happen to him? Jail for one. Indecent exposure charges look very suspect on a background check.

“I don’t know,” Derrick admitted. “I’m not trying to go to jail today,” Derrick said, trying to sound tougher than he felt. Either way, Beth didn’t seem to notice.

“Relax,” Beth placed her free hand on Derricks’ knee for a brief moment. If he didn’t have control, Derrick would have cum in his jeans. “Everything will be fine. If anything happens, just say it was all my idea.”

Derrick was smart enough not to believe that, but not smart enough to leave the confessional. The sound came out of his mouth, but the thought came from his dick, “Okay.”

Beth was wearing the typical Catholic Schoolgirl apparel. Plain, pure white top and pleated, checkerboard skirt. If you didn’t know her, you’d think Beth the picture of everything white America wanted to portray. Derrick knew Beth better. All that discipline and restriction only made for promiscuous people. Beth and he had done things before. Small things. Derrick had the chance to get his hands up her skirt once or twice riding home on a city bus. Another time, Beth was a few minutes into giving him a blowjob in the stairway of the library. But that got interrupted. The interruptions were what gave Beth the idea they were participating in. She knew no one would come in the booths while mass was going on. That would give them an hour to be bad.

“You gonna take your pants off?” Beth asked Derrick. He didn’t say anything, but Derrick did remove the slacks as quietly as he could. Beth was removing some of her clothing and Derrick got caught up in watching her garments fall away to reveal porcelain white skin.

“Stand up,” Beth told him. If she’d been wearing a bra, Derrick hadn’t noticed her take it off. He did notice her perfect breasts and periwinkle pink nipples. Derrick did as he was told, stood, and waited for further instructions. In the booth, Beth sat herself up in the booth and reached into Derrick’s pants. He drew in a deep breath when her hands cupped his balls. Involuntarily, Derrick looked down.

Beth noticed and looked up to meet his eyes. If told that Mary Beth was a witch, Derrick would believe it. The natural green eyes that peered up through the dimness felt like a spell was being cast. “You like that, huh?”

It was a question, but Beth knew the answer. Derrick groaned in the grip of her fingers. The tone of the mass had changed as well. No more of the ceremonial Latin could be heard, but a sermon was in full swing. Derrick would need to be careful and quiet. The option was nearly off the table. With no wasted motion, Beth had Derrick’s cock out and exposed. He felt the soft, cool moistness of Beth’s lips first. Within moments, Beth had fit all of Derrick’s cock in her throat. Beth gagged and Derrick felt his shaft get wetter.

“Shit,” managed to escape Derrick’s mouth. He hoped it wasn’t heard by anyone in the church hall.

Beth took her time but went deep every thrust. Derrick was sure his pants were useless. “I need you in me,” Beth told him standing, “You sit where I am.”

Without a word, she stood and Derrick shifted onto the bench Beth was in a moment before. Beth had taken over. She steadied herself on the walls and eased on Derrick. Derrick felt bliss as her body opened to accept his size. He felt Beth shudder with pleasure. She went slowly. Taking time as if building up to something epic.

“I needed this dick,” Beth told him, struggling not to make too much noise herself. Something in Derrick wanted to fuck her harder; faster. “You in these guts; fuck!”

“You like that,” whispering as much as possible, Derricks hands had positioned themselves to support Beth as she went to work in the reverse cowgirl. He gripped the soft muscles of her ass, caring less and less about consequences.

“Fuck me!” Beth demanded softly, struggling not to bring attention in their direction. Derrick obliged and sped his pace up. He could feel that Beth was close to exploding and hoped she could control herself when it happened. They were both sweating. Their body heat raising the temperature in the booth had beads of that sweat falling into Derrick’s eyes. Without warning, Beth leaped from his lap. He noticed her left leg shaking in the shadows. The pause didn’t last long. Beth turned facing Derrick and eased herself back into his lap.

His hands moved to cup Beth’s ass underneath the plaid skirt. She moved slowly, Derrick could hear her ragged breathing in his ear. The sound excited him and his dick stiffened as Beth moved. She groaned in pleasure. Derrick began to match Beth’s movements. The two of them tried to merge bodies in the tight confines of the confessional. Derrick felt the beginnings of an eruption building. Beth seemed to sense it and caused her to grind more intensely on top of him. Derrick felt himself surrender to pleasure, leading to a full-body spasm. Beth’s body reacted to Derrick’s release, causing an orgasm to tear through Beth. She was less keeping control and let out a throaty groan.

In the aftermath, Derrick slowly noticed that he couldn’t hear the mumbling drone of mass. It was hot and smelled like sex in the confessional. Beth and Derrick realized that they could have been heard and were frozen in the dark, Beth still sitting on his lap. Time stretched to infinity in the small space. When the door of the confessional opened, the grizzled old face of a priest stared at them. As the priest processed what he was seeing, his face turned a deep purple.
“Hello Father Gaines,” Beth said sweetly as if they weren’t caught red-handed.