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So much about what makes design “good” is what makes design art. Designing for book covers requires making a piece that communicates the point without sacrificing the elements that make it artwork. I have a lot of experience designing for others, especially other artists and entertainers. I want to offer this experience to any aspiring author who’s unsure about what their covers should look like. If you need a cover for your book cover or even something else, send me a message and I’d be happy to provide a design consult.
I enjoy creating things. It doesn’t matter what it is. Especially book and album covers. I also believe in helping those who are as driven as I am. Any piece of artwork or book cover you see on this site, I created myself. In my opinion, this gives me a unique perspective for aspiring authors since I am one of them. From figuring out your writing style and everything that comes with trying to become a published author, I’ve gone through those same growing pains. It’s my hope that I can ease at least one part of this process for authors like me. Soon, I’ll be adding some sample or experimental book covers somewhere on the site. I’ll post again when I’ve decided how I want that to look.

Other Services

More often than not, any client I create a promotional graphic for will at some point come to me about another service. This is especially true for those clients who were promoting products. Participation in commerce the world over is becoming more difficult daily without a website. If you’re in need of digital media design or a website created,  click the following link to see more of my services. I’m fair in my approach to pricing and committed to providing a favorable outcome for whoever I create for.