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Base Desires, A Saulty Opinion

You can’t fault people for their base desires. It’s one of the things that is the most troubling about religion. For all of the good faith does, so much of the doctrine goes against base human nature. No matter what the religion is. There have been several documentaries I’ve seen that show how big cats, Jaguars, in particular, have an urge to kill even when they’ve already successfully captured something to “eat”. Human beings have several behaviors that could be akin to this.

It’s healthy to have fantasies

It’s my opinion that these desires shouldn’t be judged or criticized when practiced in a safe, adult way. The rules we have to protect the innocent are there for a reason and I fully support the steps taken for that mission. What I mean is the adult, healthy way of seeking sexual fulfillment as a perfectly natural thing to do. I believe that sexual desire was taken more seriously and with a more open mind in our ancient past. There are entire paintings and sculptures based on orgies in Roman bathhouses. In the old American west, it was commonplace for every town to have a brothel in which men gambled, drank, and enjoyed the company of women that weren’t there to probe them for marriage, but appealed to the need for human beings to have “fun”. It seems as if the modern cultural aversion to dealing with sexual desire has only led to more issues socially. Even the concepts of marriage and relationships seem to go against the natural inclinations that many people deal with. In our past, life expectancy was much shorter than it is today. This naturally makes the need for reproduction different than it is today.

This is a big part of the reason I decided to write erotica in the first place. I believe it is a healthy way for me to explore things sexually that have come across my mind in a safe way. And it also happens to be a way for others to entertain themselves in the same way. In this way, I look at myself and the stories I write as therapeutic. I think every adult should have a way to safely explore their sexual desires and in some ways, when the ability to safely explore them may help prevent crimes of a sexual nature. If sex as a topic was more than a biology class and talked about more freely than it’s shown, there might be a number of conditions and traumas that could be avoided. In the end, everything we as humans strive for personally will eventually help all of us. The more individuals are taken care of the more our social benefits and that includes how we view and talk about sex and sexual desire.

Personal Desires

Since I’ve always said it’s important for me to lead by example, I freely talk about what pops up in my deviant mind. First of all, I really like a nasty, open-minded woman. When you can go to the edge of things with someone, it can be incredibly freeing. I’ve been lucky to experience aspects of this on occasion in my life and each time I’ve had more incredible experiences in life outside of the bedroom with those partners. I like women who have a natural nastiness to them, who enjoys the debauchery as much as I can. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes, you can be different things with different people. It’s completely understandable that you can open up differently with someone you have a deep connection with other than something that’s more casual.

My final thought about the matter is if you’re lucky enough to have found someone who you can explore your desires with, cherish it. It’s hard enough to find friends in the modern world. Making connections on a sexual level that both people can express their desires in comfort is rarer still.

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