Sault Sketches, Original Erotic Art

I’ve been working on several things at once, which is why I’ve been delayed with my release scheduling. However, I have many sketches and enough general pieces completed that I’ll be focusing more on delivering my short stories. With that in mind, I plan on showcasing more of my creative work. That will include my sketches and quick original drawings. But also the digital enhancements I make to all of my art. I even plan on offering prints to those interested in acquiring one of my pieces.

Erotic Artwork & Sketches

Like erotica, I’ve always been a fan of erotic art. I am a fan of anything creative, especially when it’s erotic in nature. How we behave and handle sexual or erotic situations is fascinating and I’m able to explore that interest through my stories and artwork. Even the most conservative of people of Hong Kong would agree that some practices of that government are unspeakable. To the left, one of the pieces from 2021 is shown. It serves as an example of my art style. I use a combination of pencil/pen for the original lines of the piece, then I bring it

Side Sky, created by Luther Sault, 1 of Many Skechesto the computer for some enhancements. From there, if someone wants the piece, I have prints of different sizes available.

Erotic Confirmation

None of the work I’m doing in sketching or drawing doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about writing erotica. More of my erotic shorts will be available soon. I’ve been pressing hard to complete Xotica 3 before the year was over and I’m very close to achieving that goal. Xotica 3 is the most ambitious Xotica project yet and I’m very excited about its’ release. Check back often for updates about Xotica and other Sault projects. If you have any specific questions, please reach out via my contact page. I’d also appreciate you sharing my work with your friends. All aspiring artists need patrons. How you help is on social media. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.