Additional Seasoning

Updating the Luther Sault Brand

Like everyone else in the United States, I’m suffering from COVID exhaustion, and impeachment madness. I’m sick of the news but I feel like the moment I stop watching it something drastic will happen. I wonder if everyone feels like the bottom hasn’t quite fallen out yet. I’ve used the time indoors as productively as possible. But I’ve also been trying to improve my quality of life. I’m doing this by going after the things I want. No opportunity I see is going to waste. With that in mind, I expect to have the next Xotica project complete closer towards the end of March. There are a few¬† other projects I’ve been working on that aren’t erotic or adult fiction at all. When I have more information about that, I’ll make it available.

The time for change

I’ve been thinking about updating this website for a while. There has been several months of brainstorming and testing things to see what I liked. Nothing I tried worked. The site felt like it was fighting me for dominance. Finally, that process is over. I can move forward feeling good about the direction my brand is going. This change has given me new purpose, even in what I write. The motivation to tap out words has grown each time I look at the redesign. The new logo is a point of special pride. One of my personal favorites.

Luther Sault Official Logo
Luther Sault Official Logo. Redesigned in February 2021. Based on the original, created July 2017.
Accept help, especially when you think you don’t need it

It has always been difficult for me to design for myself. The ideas rush too quickly to my brain and I spend so much time making sure I don’t forget one, I lose time on what’s in the present. For the rebuild of the Luther Sault website, I’ve had some help. Within the natural cycle of my day to day work, I was able to find some help with my issues of rebranding myself. That help came from the Furtive Agency. As a designer myself, it’s difficult to take the advice of another designer. Especially when you’re as confident as I am at my work. Getting involved with some of the projects the Agency was doing was an easy way to see how their agents interacted with clients.

After a few conversations with a few agents who are also designers, I was able to distill out a new logo for myself. This is how I made the breakthrough to the site that you see now. I’ve also joined the Agency full time as an Agent and a web designer/developer. If you’re interested in joining a network of business, product, and service providers; visit the Furtive Agency Network page for more information.

Erotica Project, Xotica 3 Preview Graphic