September 2021, Artwork Set

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Erotic Art & Luther Sault In an effort to bring more organization to my work, I”ll be showcasing my artwork through my portfolio section. Furthermore, I will be adding sets […]

Sault Favorites; Year 2021

The. pieces here represent the work of 2021 that I enjoyed creating, or the end results, the most. This includes sketch, canvas, and digital art.

The Sault Gallery

I’m excited to deliver the Sault Gallery. My collection of artwork that I’ve developed in many different mediums. In time, all of my creative work will find their way into the gallery. Some of these pieces will be available for purchase as prints. Originals for a select few will also be available at some point, but I will make an announcement about that at the appropriate time.

Luther Sault Artwork, Dat Ass ThoughErotic Artwork

Erotic artwork is a form of art that I believe is somewhat of a misnomer.  And highly misunderstood. This type of artwork is difficult to distinguish from pornography. But fundamentally, it serves a very different purpose. Any kind of art, in my opinion, has the potential to invoke an erotic response. It all depends on the individual. 

Like erotica, erotic artwork has the ability to help people explore their sexuality. The human form is beautiful and when appreciated, the body can help someone develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Art of the Future

At some point, I will feature exclusive pieces in the items downloaded directly from the Luther Sault website. I have always created the digital media and covers for my short stories. That practice should continue for the foreseeable future. Lots of my projects will debut in segments on my Instagram, or TikTok profiles.