The Secrets of Sisters

As adults, we slowly begin to carve out our own lives that are separate from our families. Even from our siblings. As time passes, sometimes we lose touch with the people we love. But everyone has secrets. Especially from our families. When those secrets come to light, it can be hard to find acceptance from family. Between sisters, those secrets can be explosive.

Story Overview

Samantha works hard. Harder than most of her coworkers. But after five years of 48 hour days and being more effective than anyone else, Samantha was beyond tired. She wanted to spend some time with her family. They all lived nearby each other. It was shameful they hadn’t done more together. Samantha missed them all.  Especially her sister, Abby. Desperate for a break, Samantha decides to surprise her sister and drive the 45min to Abby’s house. When she arrives, however, Samantha finds she’s the one in for a surprise.

The Xotica Series

Erotica is a widely read genre, even if it’s not talked about very often. Stories with erotic themes can serve many purposes. The least of which is an obsession with sex. I view the Xotica project as a pathway towards a personal understanding of personal sexuality. The series offers a path for exploring the deepest, most secretive desires in a safe way. More of my erotica and free adult fiction can be found here. More exclusive work can be found on the Wattpad platform.


Samantha - Full Story

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Samantha, Sisters Story