Samantha; A Sibling Surprise – Free Erotica from Luther Sault

Free Erotica

This short story is another entry into the erotica genre. This and other free erotica will be made available on this and through other platforms. I’m very close to the release of my Xotica 3 project as well as Xotica (Remastered). Both will be separate releases, bring brand new short stories, and have their own artwork. Some of these newer works are parts of other work in adult fiction planned for later in the year.

Story Overview

Samantha works hard and loves the family she has left. Especially her sister, Abby. Her job has kept Samantha from seeing her sister for a good while and is in for a surprise when she decides to drop by her Abby’s house unexpectedly.

Other & Upcoming Work

My project, Xotica – Part 2, is available for free with Kindle Unlimited. And my work is available on Amazon in general.

Story Summary

Samantha works hard and loves the family she has left. Especially her sister, Abby. Her job has kept Samantha from seeing her sister for a good while and is in for a surprise when she decides to drop by her Abby’s house unexpectedly.

Samantha (Full Story)


Work had kept Samantha busy for months. No time for dating, no time for friends. Her only company had been Fredrick, her Yorke, and when there was time; a pocket rocket. It was never enough but it was close by and Samantha didn’t have to make sure it wasn’t an asshole first.

Her days had blurred beyond recognition as Samantha wrote and researched constantly. She’d always been heavy and Samantha noticed the extra pounds she was putting on with the late nights and snacking. It didn’t bother her really. Samantha was worried more about her actual health than feeling ugly. She wasn’t and Samantha embraced her size. It never had been a problem getting guys either. There just hadn’t been time for it.

The few dates Samantha remembered before her work picked up weren’t exactly bad. They just weren’t amazing. A few guys were fun enough to keep Samantha occupied and were good in bed; she just didn’t feel the excitement she wanted out of life.

Six weeks of staring at the crap scattered around her apartment had Samantha feeling stir crazy. And horny as fuck. There would be entire afternoons dedicated to locking herself away in her room, lighting a few candles, and find a few of her favorite porn sites. She’d play with herself for hours imagining hands gripping every surface of her plump body. It was getting old though.

The project was almost over and Samantha’s part had been finished for a few days. Sleep was the only thing Samantha could do that first day she could stay in bed as long as she wanted. Samantha had forgotten what losing herself in the large comforter spread over her king bed felt like. She’d forgotten what it was like to enjoy her own home.

The day after that Samantha took to the streets like someone being released from a ten year sentence. She spent a few hours in the farmers market, only having been to the little mom and pop grocery a few streets from her complex. There were a few more errands Samantha filled the day with but soon even these tasks were done. It only took thirty minutes of the Lifetime Channel before Samantha was bored.

Like everyone else in the world, Samantha had her phone in her hands constantly. It was one of the reasons she’d find herself working half the night. A few minutes of doing what she was supposed to be doing inevitably led to Samantha looking at her phone and thinking, “I’ll just check one post,”. Except, it was never one post you look at. Before long, Samantha would have been swiping through Instagram for an hour.

On her couch, Lifetime still playing, Samantha had fallen into the trance of social media again. First the natural rotation of FaceBook, Instagram and Snapchat. That lost it’s appeal and Samantha switched to flipping through her Tinder profile. Tinder got boring faster than the first three and Samantha found herself falling down the rabbit hole of Reddit threads.

Eventually, swiping through Reddit would lead you to something that you couldn’t get out of your head, and right after that would lead you to porn. Samantha was entering the porn stage of her browsing and getting more sexually frustrated by the minute. She considered calling one of those dates from a few weeks. Maybe one of them would get lucky.

None of the guys  that came to mind jumped out at Samantha. The few of them she had slept with hadn’t left a strong impression, but Samantha was getting a little desperate. Eventually, Samantha got tired of teasing herself and decided to get out the house again for a distraction. The drive to Birmingham wasn’t long and she figured she’d drive into town and back. By that time Samantha hoped she’d be either tired enough to go to bed or her boredom had gone away. Either way, she was going out.

Samantha had a sister that lived in Birmingham with her husband. Samantha hadn’t seen her in a few weeks, the last time being right before she;d started this new project. The moment Samantha thought about seeing her sister was the moment she started to make her way there. It would be good to catch up and maybe her sister had some liquor  they could get a little tipsy on.

Her sisters wasn’t far, just inside the Birmingham city limits. The street she lived on was familiar to Samantha and reminded her of where she’d grown up. Probably why her sister picked the place. Abby and her were close, but weren’t as close as they’d been when they were younger. Samantha thought that was normal. People got interested in their own lives and you couldn’t help but have one of your own. Samantha couldn’t remember the last time all of her home girls got together.

Abby’s car was in the driveway and Samantha was relieved. It was only when she got there did she realize Abby could have not been home. There were a few more cars and people outside in the neighborhood than Samantha remembered but nothing seemed out of place. It was her sisters. She would have some fun and go home ready to sleep and start the next day.

Samantha rang her sisters door bell and waited listening to kids playing in the distance and the buzz of carpenter bees. After a few minutes and the door wasn’t opened, Samantha pressed the bell again. She looked back to see if Abby’s car was there and she hadn’t imagined it being there. It was. Samantha had a key Abby had given her a long time ago, but it felt weird just letting herself in. Samantha thought about it a few more seconds and searched her purse for the key.

When Samantha had the door open she was a little apprehensive. There didn’t appear to be anything missing. Nothing was moved or flipped over. For some reason Samantha started to panic about finding her sister on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood. Her heart was pounding as she rounded a corner only to see nothing but a stainless steel stove and matching fridge.

Maybe Abby was out with David, her husband, and they’d taken his car. A reasonable explanation and Samantha was starting to feel silly into she heard a distinct shout from upstairs.

The thud in her chest returned full force and Samantha turned back towards the front of the house. She heard more shouts and muffled voices when she got to the stairs. Samantha could hear words but couldn’t make them out. When Abby’s voice could be heard in a distinct, “Fuck!”, Samantha’s logical brain thought, “Turn around and call the police,”.  But logic wasn’t in control and Samantha’s feet seemed to climb the steps all on their own.

By the time Samantha had reached the landing, it was apparent there was fucking going on. But there were three voices, and neither of them was David’s. Samantha hadn’t taken her sister as a cheater. Much less to have a threesome in her home while David was God knows where. Curiosity made Samantha creep towards the door where she could hear her sisters moaning.

The door was closed just enough to hide Samantha has she peaked into the room. Abby was between two men Samantha didn’t know. Whats more was they were both black and packing cocks the size Samantha had never seen in person. Abby was only two years older than Samantha and they had the same body type. They were big girls with a lot of ass. It didn’t seem to phase the man gripping Abby’s ass, one hand on each cheek thrusting with strong, confident strokes.

Abby looked like she was feeling bliss, her eyes had rolled into the back of her head. Samantha noticed the man move his hand  from an ass cheek to pull Abby’s brown hair. Abby’s leg started to quiver and Samantha felt her own panties soak.  There was a small tattoo of a black Spade on Abby’s ankle that Samantha had never seen before.

The second man eased his dick into Abby’s mouth as she groaned. Samantha felt her mouth go dry and had to fight to steady herself and not get found out. Her nipples her showing clearly through the shirt Samantha had worn and every second she watched Abby get fucked it was getting harder to not touch herself.

Samantha was already touching herself without thinking. She didn’t know what was turning her on so much. It could have been the contrast of color; the large dark cock forcing the pale skin of her sister to open. Abby gagged when the man forced his cock in her throat, saliva oozing from the sides of her mouth. Samantha had to cover her mouth to keep from being heard  moaning herself.

Samantha’s other hand had made its way into her jeans, rubbing the wetness in her panties. The more Samantha watched Abby struggle with the cock in her throat, the wetter she got. Samantha was squirming and panting in the hallway. Abby’s face had gone red from her efforts and fluid was visibly leaking from her legs. Samantha couldn’t tell if the Abby was crying from pain, pleasure, or that there was just that much saliva on her face.

Samantha froze when the man impaling Abby’s face with is dick stopped, and the trio shifted, allowing both men access from behind. Samantha realized that Abby had had a dick in her ass the whole time and that thought was making her sensations more intense. The man who’d been having his way with Abby’s mouth positioned himself underneath her.

The look on her sisters face made Samantha believe it felt better than it looked. It took every ounce of control to stop herself from walking into the room and stripping. There were red marks all over Abby’s body where them men had held her. Samantha was jealous and wanted the same treatment and could feel her thighs getting slick with her juices flowing down them. She couldn’t remember ever being this wet; had never felt desire for being controlled the way she was watching Abby be controlled.

Samantha had slid to the floor, the intensity of her hands massaging her pussy increasing as she watched Abby get fucked into a frenzy.  Samantha was panting in the hallway, her liquids pooling beneath her on the hardwood floors. When she heard the smack of a hand hitting ass, Samantha couldn’t hold her moan back.

She froze, knowing she’d been heard. Samantha couldn’t get up and hurry back downstairs; somehow, her jeans and panties had been pulled down to her ankles. The door opened wider and the man who’d been expertly fucking her sister in the ass was looking down at her.  Samantha didn’t know what to say. The man was naked, dick hanging in her face in all its glory.

The man seemed to read her mind, and grabbed Samantha by her hair, pulling her into the room. The second man hadn’t stopped fucking Abby and if it bothered her sister that Samantha was there,  it didn’t show. It was as if being dragged by the hair into a room was perfectly normal.

When the man had placed Samantha where he wanted her, he slapped her across the face with his dick. It was wet and shining from Abby’s saliva and juices and the weight on Samantha’s face made her moan. The man grabbed Samantha by her bottom jaw, forcing her mouth open. She had been maneuvered in front of the bed, the mattress giving her head support as the man forced Samantha’s throat wider than it had ever been.

Samantha gagged as the cock met the back of her throat. Spit and erupted from her mouth as Samantha struggled to catch her breath. Samantha couldn’t have loved the sensations she was feeling more. A barrier seemed to open in Samantha and her reflex made the man cock messy with slob. Samantha looked up, for some reason thinking the man would be upset.

“Good girl,” he said, his deep voice reverberating through is body, down to his cock and into Samantha’s mouth.