Oral Fixation; Who doesn’t like a good blowjob?

Oral Fixation, Short Story

If oral sex or blowjob stories are a sensitive subject for you, I’d suggest moving on to another post. Oral Fixation, is a short story that focuses on that aspect of the characters inclinations. The topics of the erotica I write generally varies so, I’m certain you’ll find a short to enjoy. 

Who doesn’t like a good blowjob?

Personally, I’ve never known anyone who didn’t like a good blowjob. I believe that one of the most special things you could do for a man is giving some head.

The topic of oral fetishes has recently come up in conversation between myself and a group of my long time friends. I know that somewhere, there’s a person who could go without. However, after discussing at length, this is not the case for my friends and I. Oral sex is popular for more than the obvious reason. From one perspective words can’t quite describe the feeling. From another, the act is empowering for who’s the receiver and at the same time, provide as much pleasure and empowerment for the one performing

More to come

I’ve been working hard to deliver the third installment of my Xotica series. Oral Fixation was featured in the very first Xotica release. From the reviews I received, this was one of the most well liked. If you have an account with Wattpad, you can also find this and more of my short stories there. There are even exclusive stories that I don’t release anywhere else.

The Story, in Summary

Oral Fixation, follows the character Whitney, as one of her sexual urges comes over her at a friends wedding reception. The urges that Whitney experience are mostly centered  on her love of oral sex. So much so, Whitney doesn’t always need penetration. Sometimes, the climax Whitney felt from giving head was more intense than anything else she tried.

Oral Fixation

Whitney had a thing for her mouth. She’d play with her lips in the mirror. Riding one toy, gagging herself with another. She could do that all night. Nothing more exciting than a long dick in her mouth and firm hands around her head and neck. She was wet thinking about it.

From the time Raymond Hollister had showed her his dick in high school, Whitney wanted one in her mouth. When she saw a cock she liked, her mouth would water. Several times this had put Whitney into situations some would call questionable. Such as the time her high school math teacher caught a flat tire at a park a few blocks from Whitney’s house. Whitney liked to hang out at that park. When Mr. Harris recognized Whitney, he seemed embarrassed, and more so when Whitney started flirting with him. He was attractive enough to her, and she wanted a real man. He was as good as any for her first. Within 45 minutes, Whitney had Mr. Harris pants down behind some bushes while he waited on AAA.

By the time Whitney had gone to college, a guy could do whatever he could think of to her mouth. Nice guys that liked to hold her head and talk, Whitney sucked them into slow oblivion. Rough guys liked to talk shit and call her anything but her name. While a dick was stuffed down her throat, anything he said made Whitney wetter. She liked it all. Any way to get a dick was a good way to get a dick.

When the hunger hit, Whitney developed a one-track mind. No matter what the situation was. Her sister’s wedding didn’t make a bit of difference. There was plenty to like at the wedding. Lots of potential. The groom had fine ass brothers and some even finer cousins. The genes for attractive black men must have been in abundance in the grooms’ family because a few of the uncles could have gotten some too. If only Whitney had more than one night of festivities, she might have made plans on a few of them.

A few of the men had packages big enough to show through their suit pants. Whitney could feel her nipples were hard as rocks under her dress. The dress she kept for occasions such as weddings. Comfortable, sexy, and more importantly, easy to take off when the moment presented itself.

Whitney could feel when a man got turned on by the bulges on her ass when she danced. She knew she had an ass; it ran in her family. All the women she was related to were variations of chocolate and caramel skin tones and fully equipped with ass and hips. Since she was 16 Whitney had a body and knew how to use it. The moment she’d gotten a desire for fucking, it didn’t ever stop.

A well-done black wedding had to have an open bar. Whitney was taking full advantage of it between trips to the dance floor. The drinking didn’t stop save for the occasional run to the bathroom, and Whitney might have taken her drink with her. After returning from one of these bathroom trips, Whitney’s sister began collecting her bridal party for the bouquet toss. Whitney hid in a corner doing her best to keep from being seen, and to look for a man at the wedding she wasn’t related to.

Most of the groomsman’s male family were older but that didn’t bother her. Whitney liked dealing with an older man. Older men could appreciate what a woman with Whitney’s skills set could do. And, they’d reward her for it.

Whitney saw potential across the room and headed to it. The man was Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate and 9 inches plus potential. Something she could really get her jaws around. The room was dark; not as dark as Whitney would have liked but dark enough, and certainly not bright enough to prevent what was on her mind. There were enough people to move around unnoticed. Long table clothes had been draped over the tables in the entire reception area. The beginnings of a plan.

Being tall was overrated and Whitney liked that she was shorter than. It made slipping under the long tablecloths and to her victim without being seen relatively easy. Whitney ran her a finger on the inside of the man’s thigh, hoping he didn’t jump, turned on that he might. His legs jumped a little, but not enough to grab anyone’s attention. Slowly, a piece of the tablecloth eased up and Whitney greeted his handsome chocolate face with her finger to her mouth and a look that said shut the fuck up in her eyes.

She guided the man to pull his chair closer to the table and to the edge of his seat. Whitney helped herself to his zipper. She pulled out his man meat and was grateful she chose well. His dick was beautiful, thick, perfect.

Whitney kissed the head lovingly, letting it rest on her lips. She admired the contrast of her French tips and the darkness of him. She wet the head in her mouth coating it with her saliva. Whitney suckled him and savored the taste. She loved the smell of a man who took care of himself. Whitney felt several wet lines crawling down her thighs. She felt her body coming alive.

Blood had brought him to his full size and Whitney began to work as much of him down her throat as she could. He was so wide that it stretched her cheeks to their limits. Whitney squeezed her eyes together, fighting to keep quiet, fighting the reflex to gag. Small tears formed at the edges of her eyes. Her pussy dripped with pleasure.

Whitney willed herself to relax with his cock in her throat. She smelled his cologne and her spit mixed in the air. His balls rubbed softly on her chin and bottom lip. Whitney lapped at them with her tongue, throat moistened around the thick cock.

She closed her eyes and imagined his face through the table above. She caressed the tops of his legs, imagining him looking at her with lust and satisfaction. The primal eyes of a man looking at her, his cock stuffed into her mouth drove her wild.

A chair next to him slid out and Whitney saw thick legs with beautiful white hosiery join her under the table.

“Hey sweetheart.” Whitney heard a sweet voice begin to speak above her and very close to the table. “Everything okay?”

The mans’ deep voice made Whitney cum in an instant when he answered. It seemed to vibrate from his chest, through his legs, to his cock and into her body. Whitney couldn’t help but moan with the man stiff in her mouth. The chair beside them began to slide from under the table next to them. Whitney got scared and excited making secondary shocks of her orgasm shoot through her body.

“Yeah babe, I’m good. Just a little headache.” The man answered.

Whitney gripped his thighs to keep herself from laughing. She could see the woman who’d spoke was wearing a bright skirt to match her heels. From her position under the table, Whitney could see the woman had a pretty pussy. Whitney wished she could slide her fingers inside this woman while this beautiful cock was in her mouth.

“I’m gonna go get you something.” The woman said and got up.

When the chair returned empty under the table, Whitney focused on what she was under the table for. She found a rhythm sucking. She enjoyed every flavor, relished every shudder the man made. This beautiful black dick shined gloriously with her spit. Whitney was proud of her performance. When you loved giving head, nothing was sweeter than this.

Whitney felt the veins in his cock fill with blood as she worked him into the deepest regions of her throat. Her hands cupped his sac, holding them still, and massaging them gently in her hand.

Whitney’s thighs were slick with her nut. A pool of was on the floor where she crouched. His dick grew stiff. Feeling him near climax set her body off. Her skin went white-hot and the salty sweetness of him flooded her mouth and coated her throat.

The floor and her dress had become damp with her cum and Whitney savored every bit of the mystery man. Whitney loved how the moment a man reached an orgasm felt. She liked how a dick got stiff in her hands and mouth. The way men tensed their legs and shuddered, turned Whitney on further. The warm taste of semen and the satisfaction of bringing a man to bust was all Whitney needed until the hunger for more called.

“Here you go honey.” The sweet voice of the woman Whitney heard before had returned.
“My headache went away baby.” The man answered.