Mrs. Baker; Attention from an older Woman

Attentions from an older woman

Mrs. Baker is a perfect example of erotic stories I enjoy writing the most. Writing for fetishes is fun, but stories about uncommon situations and relationships interest me much more. It’s through that type of adult fiction that I find the most pleasure in creating. Older woman are particularly attractive to certain kinds of men. Especially for some young men who don’t find it easy to talk to women of any age. Sexual experiences with older women can be very educational or young men and the age gap doesn’t need to be very wide.

This piece centers around Calvin, a college senior who’s waiting for a friend to get ready for their day. While waiting, Calvin has an erotic encounter with his friend’s mom.

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Mrs. Baker, Adult Fiction

The moment Jacob had mentioned taking a shower, Calvin knew he’d be waiting for an eternity. Experience had taught him that Jacob would easily shower three times a day, four if they went out that night. Calvin often left his house thirty minutes after they’d set a time to link up, knowing Jacob would be late and bathing would be the reason. God forbid he overexert himself before we had to leave and Jacob would damn near “get ready” again. If he was already at Jacob’s house, Calvin would kill some time in any way possible.

Sometimes, Calvin drove to Texaco to waste ten or fifteen minutes. He’d take time for some parking lot pimping in his Challenger. Then get a cigar, roll a blunt, then smoke the whole thing by himself. All of that might take an hour but Calvin would be right on time for Jacob to be walking out his front door. Other times, Calvin hung around downstairs playing Grand Theft Auto or messing around on his phone. Sometimes Jacob’s mom would be home and would speak to Calvin briefly before returning to whatever it was she did.

Jacob said his mom worked from home but didn’t offer more detail than that. Calvin never cared enough to press. Like most people in this neighborhood, the Bakers were pretty well to do through some white-collar business or another. Mrs. Baker was fifty or so from what Calvin could guess and while she’d aged, it wasn’t in a bad way. It was obvious a younger Mrs. Baker was a bad bitch and she still carried herself that way. She didn’t dress slutty in the closed-minded way people usually think, but Mrs. Baker didn’t dress like the majority of women her age. Her style was somewhere in between a 20 something-year-old casually dating type, and a 35-year-old in the prime of life. Out of respect, Calvin never looked too hard.

Today, Calvin hadn’t seen Mrs. Baker and flung himself onto the plush couch in the Baker’s living room. He cut the TV on but quickly got bored with it. Calvin preferred watching things on YouTube for some reason and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu were only interesting for short spaces of time. Sometimes there’d be a series or movie Calvin would binge. But after it was over, he was back to his go-to source of entertainment. Calvin left the TV on but turned the volume to nearly zero and dove into the mindless world of social media. Calvin watched a few videos and checked how long he’d been waiting. It hadn’t been long at all and Calvin was bored and ready to get the day started.

The sound of a screen door opening made Calvin sit up. Maybe, Jacob was ready and looking for him. “I’m in here,” Calvin called out, leaving the couch and headed towards the sound. “You ready Jacob?”

The voice that responded was not Jacob’s, “No I am not my son,” Mrs. Baker had been the source of the noise.

As Calvin rounded the corner, Mrs. Baker stood in the kitchen in her bathing suit. It was obvious she’d been lounging in their hot-tub and Calvin hadn’t noticed her outside. He could see the water droplets still collected on her skin. Calvin tried not to stare, but Mrs. Baker looked incredible. He’d never imagined seeing her in so little clothing and now that he had, Calvin couldn’t turn away. Her thighs were thick and had stretch marks that only added to their appeal. Displayed large on her left leg was a massive ornamental, flowery tattoo. Calvin wouldn’t have guessed Jacobs’s mom had any ink at all. Mrs. Baker broke the spell, “It’s good to see you, Calvin. You been doing alright?”

“Yes ma’am,” Calvin answered respectfully, knowing full well his eyes were boring holes in her skin from the staring. His mouth suddenly felt like sand was in it.
“You boys be careful when you go out okay? Jacob really trusts you and he’ll listen if you speak up.” Mrs. Baker said this as she refilled her glass for a third time with what looked like a margarita. When she returned the pitcher to the fridge, Mrs. Baker took a few steps closer to the frozen Calvin. He was able to get a good view of her body away from the kitchen island.

Everything fits on Mrs. Baker. The things people would consider flaws were amazing features on her. The marks, the slight pudginess of her stomach. All things that fit the older woman perfectly. Wrapped in the bikini she was in, Mrs. Baker could have any guy she wanted. “You be good alright?” Mrs. Baker turned and headed back through the screen door. She’d walked slower than she needed to and Calvin was gifted with a vision of her aged but beauty booty barely covered by the bikini fabric.

A few moments later, Calvin could move, returned to the living room, and took his place on the couch. He’d barely begun to process the recent event before Jacob rushed down the stairs. “You ready?” he asked and Calvin looked up at his friend.