High Altitude Encounter, Erotic Affair in the Sky

High Altitude Encounter, Erotic Adult Fiction

High Altitude Encounters, an Affair in the Sky

There are only a few ways to join the mile-high club. The easiest requires you to be reasonably wealthy with access to a private jet. This erotic short story features a way to join without that wealth. It also just happens to involve a woman cheating on her husband. From most people’s perspectives, men are way more likely to have a visible affair. However, in this story, a married woman initiates things with a professional photographer that is sharing the row with her and her husband.

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This short story was fun to write and will probably be featured in the Xotica 3 release. I’ve yet to make it into the mile-high club in my own life. But I’m planning for traveling much more in the coming months. I’m in the process of developing several projects. Some will include deeper exploration of characters I’ve written before and if there is an affair in their lives, we will see how far the rabbit hole goes.

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The Story

High Altitude Encounter

Long flights were tiring for everyone. If you have some experience with them, you might know to bring your own pillow and plenty of ways to entertain yourself. Charles was familiar with these kinds of flights. He’d traveled around the world since he graduated university. Some times for work, at other times for pleasure. Ten solid years of not being anywhere longer than three months had developed a sense of wanderlust. Even at home Charles felt the drive to find the next place he was going. His mother hadn’t owned a car at all during his entire childhood. It wasn’t until Charles was 28 that his mother even owned a car, and he had to go with her.

Charles had an apartment. Lightly furnished but nothing cheap. There were hardly any clothes in the closet. A film of dust on the coffee table could usually indicate how long Charles had been away. Anything that was important enough went with him anywhere life took Charles. His Macbook Air & AppleWatch, his iPhone, a few Moleskine notebooks, an EOS model Cannon camera, and a few changes of clothes all in a bag small enough to be a carry on. It was a setup Charles had gone through a few trips with and finally felt satisfied with. He could be ready for a flight in less than ten minutes.
This flight would be particularly long. Charles had booked this red-eye to Los Angeles last minute as a favor for a friend. They needed his help photographing a large event. Charles didn’t mind. He’d been getting a little wanderlust and was feeling the walls of his apartment closing in. The only cure was to get out of town for a bit. LA was the perfect place to shake off the feeling.

Charles arrived early. A practiced habit gained from experience at a hundred airport security checkpoints. That process went through without issue and Charles was waiting to board within 20 minutes of getting to the airport. Thirty minutes later he was in his seat waiting to take off. Red-eyes were always an interesting experience. The people who flew them had interesting lives and the best stories to tell on long flights. Charles watched the other passengers filing in. Professionals and go getters. There were hardly any children on flights this late.

A few minutes passed and a couple took the other two seats on the row Charles was on. They were nice enough people and spoke as they took the seats. Charles introduced himself and the couple did as well as the Millers. Mr Miller was a product manager for a big shot marketing firm in the city, Mrs. Miller was mostly an at home wife but was stepping into blogging since their kids were grown.

All of these things Charles learned after about an hour in the air. Mr. Miller had gotten quiet and was visibly nodding off.

“He going to be okay?” Charles asked Mrs Miller.
She glanced at her husband, “He’ll be fine. Might have a kink in his neck when wakes up but serves him right.” Her response had a lot of mischievousness in it. And there was a new in her eyes Charles couldn’t quite describe.
Mrs. Miller focused her attention back to Charles.
“You’ve had us tell you all about what we do. What are you into?”
It was a fair question and Charles was honest with her, “I’m a photographer. And digital media artist.”
“How exciting,” Mrs. Miller said excitedly, “I’m not sure what Digital Media design is but I know a little bit about photography. Are you headed to an event?”
“I am actually.”
“What kind of event?” Mrs Miller asked.
“I’m really doing a favor for a friend. He needed another shooter for a wedding.”
“Oooh, weddings are fun. Do you know the bride or groom?”
“I don’t think so. My friend would have mentioned something.”
“It should still be a good time,” Mrs. Miller paused before she continued, “There should be some nice looking bridesmaids.”
Charles laughed, “Yeah, there should be. I don’t know how much time I’ll have for anything like that but they’ll be nice to look at.”
“A good looking young man like yourself will have plenty of girls attention. Just wait and see.”
“You might be right,” Charles conceded.
“I know I am. I know what I’m talking about.”
Her phone buzzed and Mrs. Miller pulled in from the pocket of her purse. She swiped the phone open and turned to Charles, “Give me a moment,” then turned her attention to her message.
Charles didn’t mind. He was a little tired of talking and since there was at least four more hours in the air, a nap might be a good idea. He let his eyes close and tried to not think about anything.
How much time passed, Charles didn’t know, but he’d dozed off. It was a strange feeling that woke him up. Something was massaging his crotch and felt so good, Charles didn’t immediately think he was awake. His dick stiffened in his traveling pants.

“That’s a very nice dick you’ve got Charles,” he heard Mrs. Millers voice then opened his eyes.
A coat was draped over his lap covering the hand Mrs. Mille was using to arouse him. Charles didn’t quite know what to say. Logic told him this was wrong, but it felt too good to say anything about it. Her hands were doing a masterful job. Charles squirmed a little in his seat.

“Oh you like this a lot,” Mrs Miller said at a whisper. Her hands stopped the massage and just rested over the bulge in his pants. “You don’t have to say anything, I can tell.”
“I don’t know what to say,” Charles admitted freely.
“Just enjoy it. My husband is too much of a buzz kill to do anything like this. It’s his loss.”
Charles had to agree with her about that. Knowing Mr. Miller was sleeping in the next seat over made things more exciting. Mrs. Miller felt his body relax and used her experienced hand to unzip Charle’s pants. Her hand felt cool when she fished his cock from his underwear.

Mrs Miller was definitely attractive, even for whatever age she was. Charles didn’t know how old she was but it was obvious she wasn’t in his normal age range. She was white. Charles had a few sexual encounters with white women but it was definitely not the norm. And Mrs. Miller was nothing like any woman Charles had met before, and certainly weren’t as forwards as she was being. Not to mention Mrs. Miller being married, she wasn’t someone Charles would have run across in his normal life either. This was an outlier. Something mean dreamed of but never expected to experience.

One of the flight attendants slowly walked towards the row they were sitting on, stopping every so often to handle a passengers request. Mrs. Miller hadn’t moved her hand . Charles let the pace of his beating heart speed up. The coat covered his cock and her moving hand but Charles was still concerned that their configuration looked strange. They both declined as the flight attendant made it to their row. It didn’t seem like she’d noticed anything.

Mr. Miller adjusted himself in the seat and Charles felt his heart rate shoot up again. But Mrs. Miller didn’t move. Calmly, she looked at her husband. When he didn’t move again, she out her focus back to Charles and the rock hard cock in her hand. The plane was darkened by the pilot when the flight attended finished her rounds. It only helped Mrs. Miller with her mission. She adjusted the coat so that Charles dick was exposed and she could get a good look.

She smiled at him when she spoke, “I knew it would look nice. I’ve always been attracted to men like you.”
Charles could only assume she meant black men. It was common enough for white women to have a sexual attraction to black men in America. Something about the forbidden being an point of lust for a lot of people. Even white men. Mrs. Miller continued, “It’s so big. It’s making my mouth water. And it’s making me want to fuck.”

Charles was almost speechless with how forward the older woman was being, “How we going to do that up here?” Charles had become less worried about why this was happening and more interested in the next steps. He couldn’t see a way of fuck with her husband in the next seat and 32,000 feet in the sky.
“There’s more than one way to join the mile high club,” Mrs. Miller told him and without any warning, lowered her head into his lap.

Her mouth was cool and wet; and felt amazing. Charles couldn’t focus on anything but the way Mrs. Millers mouth felt wrapped around him. She seemed to be taking as much pleasure from this as he was. Charles watched the woman work. She seemed like an expert. Her enthusiasm only intensified the experience Charles had. Mrs. Miller had committed herself to the task and stretched herself out as much as she could. The effort allowed her to take his cock until Charles felt her lisp at the base of his dick.
“Fuck,” Charles managed to whisper, trying to not be too loud and risk Mr. Miller waking up. His wife however seemed less concerned about being discovered. The sounds of her sucking seemed very loud and though worried, things felt too good for Charles to want things to stop.

The pressure was building inside Charles and he knew he’d explode soon. He tensed up, trying to stop himself from erupting suddenly. Mrs. Miller stopped sucking to speak, “Don’t do that,” when Charles looked down, he locked eyes with her, “Feed me. I want to know how your cum tastes,” Mrs. Miller said and returned her attentions to his cock.

The admission nearly caused Charles to blow up in that instant. Mrs. Miller continued, this time more slowly allowing Charles to feel every moment of suction. He couldn’t contain the pressure anymore. Mrs. Miller froze with her mouth still wrapped around him. Charles came hard, his vision went white as he emptied himself. Mrs. Miller gulped greedily. The sensations caused Charles to twitch in his seat. He wasn’t released until Mrs. Miller has consumed every drop.

Charles sat still, unable to move. Mrs Miller had sat up seemingly very pleased. She pulled a small mirror from her bag to make sure none of what she’d extracted was visible on her face or lips. Charles managed to get a “Thank you,” out of his mouth.

Mrs Miller nodded playfully before saying, “No, thank you Charles. I was very hungry.”
Just as she’d finished speaking, Mr Miller slowly woke up from his nap. As he did, Mrs. Miller kissed him full on the lips.

“You passed out on us dear, but the young man Charles kept me company.”
“You didn’t talk his ears off did you?” Mr. Miller said in jest.
“I’m afraid so,” Mrs Miller responded and stole a glance at Charles, “But he’s been the perfect gentleman.”
“It was my pleasure,” Charles said to them both.

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