Xotica 1.5, Erotica Collection

Xotica 1.5, Erotica, Collection
2020 Cover for Xotica 1.5, Written by Luther Sault

The Xotica Series

The Xotica series is a collection of erotica based loosely on my personal experiences and stories from people I know in real life. The first installment of the series is Xotica 1.5 and is now available digitally through  Smashwords.

I’m currently working on the second installment of the Xotica series. I hope to bring the lessons learned from the first installment and of course, being better with time, to provide an even more entertaining collection of adult/erotic stories. Xotica 2 may have full, feature-length stories as well as shorts. Maybe a few pieces of flash fiction will make it into the second installment.

Xotica 1.5 9 (Erotica)

Xotica 1.5 is the first collection of erotic short stories I brought to the public. It deals with fetishes including BDSM, Cuckolding, Dominance, mild incest, captivity, and a few others that many people are afraid to tiptoe in. I don’t have that fear and with my Xotica series, and I hope to ease the fears of others who may be worried about experiencing some of their deepest fantasies. Writing this first anthology has also allowed me to explore my own thoughts and curiosities in safety and comfort.

Many of us don’t have safe places other than our own heads to express interest in any fetish. Erotica, in general, is a way for people to explore their darkest desires.  Xotica is an effort to write some of the things I’ve thought about, scenarios I’ve heard of, and my own experiences in an entertaining form.

For a preview of what you may find in Xotica 1.5, check out the short story, The Work Wife.

New Publishers, New Year

The modern world has made many things that we all would consider normal change very quickly. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been far-reaching causing us to rethink the way we live and do things. For writers, this is true as well. Even before this crisis, I was at a crossroads. As a new author, I was presented with some issues of my own creation by not understanding fully what I was doing. Thus, I’ve had to change how I publish materials. In response to changes, I’ve re-released Xotica 1.5 under a new publisher with new artwork. If you’re interested in a copy, click here.

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