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As a member of the community of the descendants of African Slaves in the transatlantic slave trade, it is my belief that those like myself, have and still face obstacles to our collective success. Those of us who attempt building ourselves so we can build our people face incredible obstacles. As individuals, black and minority life in America has long been a subject of hot debate. Even among our own, there are some who’ve become comfortable because they’ve escaped the system and can hold back the majority of the things that the masses face. There is a lot of work to do as individuals and as a collective. Sometimes it’s hard to know who you’re supporting in the world.

There’s nothing wrong with buying products and services from anyone who does a good job and prices fairly. But oftentimes, especially for African Americans, it’s hard to know where our people are in business and how to support them.  I’ve created this logo for any black business or service, no matter what it is, so that anyone could instantly know this is a business and my support here supports the African American community. I hope as many businesses/people as possible use this logo to proudly show how powerful the black dollar is.

I’m sure there are organization dedicated to improving the outlook for black business, and black people as a whole such as the Black Business Directory that maintains information about black businesses all over the country.


I’ve added the logo files here for you to download freely and use where needed. Share this post to start the movement!

Support Black Business Logo (Original)

Support Black Business Logo (White Lettering)

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