Through the Crowd, Flash Fiction

Through the Crowd, Flash Fiction

This piece is a short story I developed on a whim. More akin to flash fiction, I’ll be trying to include more work such as this in a variety of genres. Flash fiction projects are a great way to keep up your word count and hone your craft. I hope you enjoy reading, Through the Crowd.

“You’re going out, that’s that,” her brother’s tone was unshakable as he spoke to Missy. He walked to her closet and flipped a switch to get a view. Selection made, Johnathan tossed the clothes onto her bed finishing his point with, “You’re wearing that and I’ll go get you some shoes.”

There wasn’t time to object as her brother left their hotel room and stormed out. That was earlier, now Johnathan was wrapped up in conversation with a curvy, exotic thing at the bar. His little sister was the last thing on his mind now. Missy wanted to leave but wouldn’t dare catch a cab back alone. Instead, she floated around the club wishing she could be invisible.

Suddenly, a clearing opened in the mass of people close to where Missy was walking. In its center, a stunning girl was smiling her eyes glowing in the erratic lights. The girl wore her hair short and dark, striking against the milky creme and coffee color of her skin. There was a spiked collar wrapped around her neck and matching bracelets on her wrists. The woman noticed Missy staring and their eyes locked.

Missy experienced an eternity as the woman approached. When she was close enough for Missy to see how luminous her eyes really were and how sensual her mouth looked, Missy got wet. Close enough to hear with the music, Missy felt the girl’s hands on her waist. It felt good. “Hey,” the girl’s voice was sweet and reassuring, “you doing okay tonight?” was her question. Missy tried speaking but was being thoroughly distracted by how turned on she felt.

Being that close, being able to smell her perfume was entirely too much for Missy. “Hey,” was all Missy was able to get out of her mouth. Her body language was clear and the girl stepped even more into Missy’s bubble. “You’re a little shy huh?” the girl asked.

All Missy could do was nod at the smile she got in return and it took her breath away. When their lips met, there was no stopping the moisture forming to run down Missy’s legs.