Flash Fiction, Maggie (Erotica)

Warning, the following content is erotic fiction and is meant for adult readers. The ideas and actions in this narrative are fictional, even though they are based on true events.


Maggie is what would have once been called a groupie. These days, the loose women who hang around studios and entertainers are commonly known as thots.

Atlanta, Ga – 2009

Maggie was thinner than what I would call my type. But she was freaky as fuck and you can’t beat somebody who’s enthusiastic about what they’re doing. She had a little body to her, and she knew how to package herself. The right amount of ass was showing when she came to kick it. Got wilder than the other thots hanging around the studio. Went the extra mile type of shit. One of those white girls that go crazy for niggas.

The clients paying for the session wanted a smoke break so they stepped outside. The room hadn’t been clear 30 seconds before she was sucking dick. Everyone in the session had been smoking and drinking all day. I’d popped a pill at some point so I’m sure she had. That was making Maggie get super nasty for me. Something about the sound of a sloppy blowjob was sexy.
I ended up fucking, but I already mentioned that Maggie doesn’t have a body at all; so the fun was getting her to squirt on you. I’m glad that the floor of the studio was linoleum and I was going to need an actual mop to clean her mess up. She was pretty as fuck though.

The head was more fun than fucking cause Maggie was tying to suffocate herself on my dick. Nothing like those green eyes looking back at you and them pink lips wrapped around you. She didn’t even care about me nutting on her face. I found a towel for the floor, but Maggie had slouched back on the couch and was playing with herself. My cum was still on her face when the artists walked back in. End.

A Sweet & Saulty Anthology
More stories and erotic fiction are featured in this work.

Writers’ Note

I imagine this type of flash fiction to go into a category called “slut stories”, or “slut tales”, and I’ll make that a searchable topic.  They’ll highlight some real-life situations that I’ve experienced or been close to. Names have been changed to protect the innocent of course.

I’ve not seen a venue other than my blog that effectively showcases flash fiction erotic stories, or can really hold the scope of what I imagine this blog will turn into. The world is becoming faster as information and content are delivered faster. The written word is at a premium.

For more erotic flash fiction and sex stories, make sure you check the updates page often. Check out, “A Sweet & Saulty Anthology” on Smashwords.

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