Flash Fiction Resolution

Flash Fiction, In the New Year and Beyond

I’m taking the time to work on my New Years’ resolution a little bit early this year. That resolution is a new commitment to doing more of what I love. That includes writing. I’ve been working hard the last several weeks to close out some long-running projects, and finally, I’ve brought myself to where I need to be. Now that I’m in that place of peace in my life, I can focus on putting pen to paper. Or, fingers to the keyboard. Part of my resolution is to write more. I’ve thought about how I wanted to go about producing more and the first thing I’m considering is a challenge, of a sort, to myself. That challenge is in writing flash fiction.

What is Flash Fiction?

There are common thoughts about what flash fiction is or isn’t. Generally, I consider Flash Fiction a piece of written work that is between 100 – 500 words. The stories I write are usually 230 words from start to finish. Containing whole stories into a small form is challenging.  You have very little space to fit what can be a very robust story. But that challenge is what makes doing it fun and worth doing. Writing with the constraints that Flash Fiction demands will only help me become better as a writer overall. The need to write more comes from my desire to get better and this seemed like a perfect way to get myself off to a good start. Getting started for me is often the most challenging part. For me, there are always irons in the fire. My time is important and I’m constantly making things more efficient. The U.S elections and COVID-19 pandemic has provided opportunities for those who are attentive enough to see them. For me, this opportunity is the time needed to write more and I plan on using that time well.

More Flash Fiction Information

The New World We Live In

It seems like many of us are looking for our way in the new world we’re living in. This is the way I plan on fighting boredom. And do something useful with my time.  For those of us blessed enough to have homes and have persevered through all of this, one of the biggest challenges has been boredom. Being home-bound was nice in the early days of the pandemic but I’ve become more than a little stir crazy. I’m sure many of us are. I’ve tried several things over the last few months to break that cycle of boredom for myself. What seemed to work best and I’ve been at my happiest when I’ve taken some time in the day to write. I’m taking that observation into 2021 and it’s my belief that writing Flash Fiction and the other forms of stories I plan to will allow me to be a happier, more fulfilled person.

Soon, I’ll be uploading more of the stories that I’ve been working on. If you enjoy adult fiction and other kinds of stories, check back often. Want to read one of my anthologies? Xotica 2 is out now!