Wife sharing is a very misunderstood practice by the masses today. The way couples get into the practice differs greatly. Factors like location, upbringing, experiences during formative years all play their roles. When done correctly, sharing or even swapping spouses can save marriages. Even nature shows us that diversity only increases the chances that a species survives. Wife swapping in the sexual sense allows couples to bring the feeling of single life into the married one.

Story Summary

Harold arrives at home to find his wife fucking another man in their bedroom. Like any man, anger is the first emotion. However, another one quickly determines Harold’s actions.

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The Other Choice

Transfixed in the doorway of his bedroom, Harold was feeling a lot of things. After a long, trying day at work, he walks in on his wife being royally fucked from behind. A muscled hand had her hair wrapped around it. The guy was in shape, black, but shorter than Harold.

Most people could understand those first feelings. Immediate rage. Enough anger to boil the blood and bring on an instant sweat. The other emotion, not as many would understand. Harold was turned on. It couldn’t be explained. Watching his wife behaving like a whore had Harold’s dick rock-solid in his slacks. From his angle at the door, Harold had a great view. His wife had her ass high in the air, forced into an arch with her head buried into the pillows.

Harold watched the two move to switch positions and froze once they realized he was there. Without thinking, he moved into the room and began to put his things away silently. He let the mood settle. His wife and the man didn’t seem able to move. When he spoke, it was calm and had no hint of anger.

“Don’t stop, keep going,” he told them as he placed his Rolex on the dresser. His wife didn’t take her eyes off of Harold. The guy accepted the situation easier began again, slowly. From the new position, Harold could see the man was easily 9 inches. Probably more as his thrusts were slow and his hands had moved to hold his wife’s wide ass in place. Harold poured a drink with Jack Daniels and a glass he kept in the sock drawer.

His wife had couldn’t help but moan. But her eyes were glued on Harold. Her face was flushed and sweat had matted her hair to her face. Harold imagined it could be saliva and all manner of filth. His dick pulsed in his pants. The first pour went down like a shot and sent a little fire through Harold’s body. He poured another drink and sipped taking in the scene on the bed. Harold unzipped his slacks as he stepped forward. Close enough to grab his wife by the chin, he lifted her gaze upward. It felt gratifying when he spat in her face. Swollen in his hand, Harold smacked her checks with it playfully.

Harold poured what was left of the whiskey over his dick before telling his wife, “Open up.”