Crime of Opportunity Cover

A Dangerous Fantasy

Fantasies can be powerful motivators. Desire a driving force in the decisions anybody would make. In a way, sex could be seen as a physical manifestation of desire and/or fantasy. Adults who pursue these desires in a safe and managed way often find a lot of enjoyment exploring whatever fetish that piques an interest. These fetishes’/desires have a wide range of strangeness and levels of intensity. For some, the desires could be as benign as a foot fetish and a nice set of legs capped off with some heels. Drove some people crazy. For others, something more intense is needed. Sometimes the act has the appearance of danger. Even rape.

For those who desire this level of intensity, the BDSM community usually has something to meet their needs. This short story, fictionalized of course, explores the desires of Eliza. A young woman who appears to be homely and proper. However, during a traumatic event, it is revealed that Eliza likes the element of danger within her sexual fantasy.

The Crime Itself

In Crime of Opportunity, Eliza is home from school and enjoying her time off. Her parents are preparing for a night out, and everything about life seems fine. What the family is unaware of will have tremendous consequences. Their community is the target of a burglar crew. As the Greene’s go on their night out, they unknowingly attract the attention of this crew. Leaving Eliza at home, and very alone. That isolation places Eliza in danger of something she is completely unaware of. However, Eliza would soon find out how much this danger reflected a personal fantasy.


Crime of Opportunity Cover, Dangerous Fantasy

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