Dangerous Fantasy

Fantasies can be powerful motivators. Desire a driving force in the decisions anybody would make. In a way, sex could be seen as a physical manifestation of desire and/or fantasy. Adults who pursue these desires in a safe and managed way often find a lot of enjoyment exploring whatever fetish that piques an interest. These fetishes’/desires have a wide range of strangeness and levels of intensity. For some, the desires could be as benign as a foot fetish and a nice set of legs capped off with some heels. Drove some people crazy. For others, something more intense is needed. Sometimes the act has too have the appearance of danger. Even rape.

For those who desire this level of intensity, the BDSM community usually has something to meet their needs. This short story, fictionalized of course, explores the desires of Eliza. A young woman who appears to be homely and proper. However, during a traumatic event, it is revealed that Eliza likes the element of danger within her sexual fantasy.

The Crime Itself

In Crime of Opportunity, Eliza is home from school and enjoying her time off. Her parents are preparing for a night out, and everything about life seems fine. What the family is unaware of will have tremendous consequences. Their community is the target of a burglar crew. As the Greene’s go on their night out, they unknowingly attract the attention of this crew. Leaving Eliza at home, and very alone. That isolation places Eliza in danger of something she is completely unaware of. However, Eliza would soon find out how much this danger reflected a personal fantasy.

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Crimes of Opportunity

Crimes of Opportunity

The well to do community of Carmine is an easy place to like and a great place to live. The neighborhoods were old enough for the houses to be made of more the plywood and sheetrock. With a little elbow grease, a home in Carmine made great place to raise a family. Parks and other public gathering places were designed with the future in mind. Public pools, community center and hiking trails all were amenities the people of Carmine enjoyed and took pride in. The safety of Carmine was also something that the people took pride in, three times being names one of the best places to live in the United States. A big article was also released in the early 2000’s that showed that Carmine is one of the few cities in the world to have never had a murder occur within its’ city limits.

The Greene’s, Richard & Margret, and their daughter Eliza were 4th generation Carmine residents. Eliza being a 5th generation resident. Born and raised in Carmine with all of the expectations that entailed. Eliza was well out of high school but like many of the people raised in Carmine, she stayed in touch with many of the friends she grew up with. A tightly knit group that had known each other since kindergarten and it helped Eliza to know one day she would come back to Carmine for good. With her own family and start the saga of families raised the Carmine way.

Eliza hadn’t been home long. School was out until September and it was still mid June, so she wasn’t worried about getting everything Eliza wanted done while she was home. There was plenty of time. A more pressing matter was not having an outfit for her reunion event. The people of Carmine always valued reunions. Instead of once every ten years, the graduating classes of Carmine High School kept the tradition in a unique way. A class could have their 1st reunion 3 years after graduation, once more at five years, then the big reunion at ten years and so on. Carmine residents took the tradition so seriously, a reunion committee was formed nearly sixty years ago. It was now an institution in the Carmine Community Council and in the Mayors office.

This would be the first year of eligibility for Eliza’s graduating class and she was more excited than expected. As kids, she had always thought the reunions were chances for old people to have fun for once. Now that her first reunion was the day after her parents, Eliza was starting to understand the value of these events. Thinking about it was going to stress Eliza out and her reunion was still a few days away. Besides, the most important thing would be figuring out what to wear and Eliza would be calling a few of her girlfriends for backup.

The house Eliza grew up in had always been a place of peace. After a tough two years in school and struggling to figure out her next steps, Eliza was glad to be home. From her bed, she could hear the TV downstairs. Her father had been ready to leave a hour ago. But Eliza knew he wouldn’t complain. Her parents had been happily married for nearly 40 years. And these days, Eliza didn’t think he cared if they were late to things anymore.

“Eliza?” She heard her mothers voice call to her, “Honey, are you sleeping?”

“No, I’m up,” Eliza responded plucking the single earbud she was using out of her ear.

“We’re about to head out the door sweetheart. Are you going anywhere tonight?” Her mom had opened Eliza’s bedroom door and spoke.

“No, I’m staying home. There wasn’t anything I wanted to do enough to get dressed.”

“I understand, well let us know if you change your mind.”

“OKay, I’ll text you if I go somewhere. But I doubt that I will.”

“Alright then,” her mother paused to put in an earring, “How do I look?”

Eliza thought her mother looked beautiful and told her as much when she got up to hug her. She was wearing an evening dress Eliza was sure came from Target. It accented the best parts of a Mom-Bod. “You look great mom.”

“Thank you honey,” Eliza felt her mothers lips on her forehead before the woman walked away.

Her father must have heard her mother coming because Eliza heard the clink of keys downstairs. “See ya sweetie,” his voice deeper than it was when she still lived at home but unmistakably her Dad.

“Bye daddy! Love you!”

Then her parents were gone, and the house was quiet. Back in her room, Eliza returned to swiping through her various social media profiles and listening to music. Before stretching out on the bed, Eliza slipped out of her sweatpants, panties, and bra. She had both airpods in her ears when Eliza finally flopped onto her bed.

In most cases, listening to music at full blast was only dangerous to your ears at home. This evening however, criminals were already on the move. A few houses down, a crew of three men were staking out the houses on the same street Eliza’s parents lived on. These men had seen Mr. & Mrs. Greene leaving. Their home wasn’t initially on their list of targets but the opportunity presented itself.

Inside, Eliza was lazily flirting with guys on Tindr or keeping up with the gossip in a Facebook Messenger group. Her Apple playlist absolutely jammed and bumped loudly in her ears. So loud that Eliza couldn’t hear the noise of glass breaking downstairs. The three men were professionals, and some of the very best at what they did. They’d waited thirty minutes before making a move, experience teaching them that people often forgot things and came back home. But the Greene’s had not forgotten anything, and they had not returned. The three men were inside 30 seconds after they exited their vehicle.

Eliza was oblivious to the threat. The three men fanned out on the bottom level of the house in practiced unison. Whenever something of value was found, it was brought to the kitchen table and the searching continued. The smaller items of value had been gathered quickly. The men knew they weren’t taking any large items like TV’s or electronics. It wasn’t that kind of job. Instead, they searched for loose cash, guns, and jewelry. The burglars could operate without speaking, another result of their criminal experience. Upstairs, Eliza was kilning the last drops pf a bottled water before she stood to go to the bathroom.

Her eyes were glued on her phone as she walked to the bathroom. The men froze when they’d heard her moving on the floor above. But, experience prevented panic from taking hold. Obviously whoever was still home wasn’t aware of them. There were two decisions. They could leave now with what they’d already grabbed up. Or, they could go upstairs and subdue the subject. Their geed won out and the men crept upstairs. Two of the men were masked already, the third donned his as they moved up the stairs. Eliza was thinking about a snack as she finished in the bathroom. She put her phone down long enough to wash her hands in the sink, make a few silly faces for selfies in the mirror. Eliza had a moment of spontaneity and took a few sexy selfies.

As she took mirror ass shot selfies in the bathroom mirror, the intruders had checked the other rooms upstairs and were waiting for her to come out. The three of them positioned themselves, one on either side of the bathroom door and the third guy directly in front of the door for shock factor. Eliza was happy with her pictures and opened the door without ever taking her attention from the phone. When gloved hands grabbed her, Eliza nearly had a heart attack in shock.

Eliza had gained 20 pounds in college but was still not an issue for the three men. Mostly due to the shock, Eliza had not fought as hard as someone might expect. Before she could really determine what was going on, the men had Eliza’s hands and feet bound together and one of her tops stuffed into her mouth. She could hear the men going through the rest of the house and reality was sinking in. Shock was turning into fear and tears naturally began to form. Maybe everything would be okay. They were going to take what they came for, leave, and she would be fine. One of the men kept coming into her room and looking at her. Eliza didn’t like the way he hovered and she imagined a sinister smile underneath his mask.

Their activity seemed to go on forever. Eliza had no idea how long they’d been in the house or how long she’d been tied up. When the all three of the invaders walked into her room, Eliza felt a new level of terror.

“What should we do with her?” one of them asked.

“Nothing, we can just leave.”

“I vote on the leaving option.”

The man who asked the question did say anything, and Eliza realized he must be who came to stare at here as they were stripping the house for stuff.

“C’mon, lets get out of here.”

The two other men were pulling on the third man. Eventually, he gave the one closest to him a sack of stolen items, “Y’all go on ahead. I’ll take care of her.”

“You don’t got to kill her,” his accomplice said walking away.

“I’m not,” he responded but Eliza didn’t believe him.

Alone and terrified, Eliza the energy around the remaining burglar changed. His energy seemed to fill the room and his breathing became heavier. Eliza tried pleading with him through the cloth stuffed in her mouth. Even if he’d heard her clearly, it wouldn’t have mattered. The man had one thing on his mind. What that was became apparent to Eliza the moment she was dragged from the floor and thrown onto her own bed.

The terror reached new heights and facedown on her bed, and Eliza couldn’t move from the fear. But another feeling was creeping up within. The man was not concerned with Eliza’s comfort and his roughness had some quality that she enjoyed.

“You got a very nice ass,” the mans voice was deep and reverberated through the room, “Especially for a white girl.”

Eliza was shaking now and she wasn’t sure if it was from fear or excitement. Probably some a bit of both. Her feelings were confusing. On one hand, Eliza was certain she was about to be raped and possibly killed. On the other, the danger was exciting and turned her on. Eliza had no idea why, but it did. And very soon her body would betray that knowledge. All Eliza was wearing was the t-shirt she’d put on right after her parents left. The man hiked it up for a better view.

“I think you might be enjoying yourself. How slutty. I love it,” the man said to Eliza, “It’s a shame that the circumstances aren’t different.”

His hands had free reign over her body, touching and exploring whatever he wanted. The sound of a belt coming unbuckled brought Eliza’s excitement to a new level. She squirmed as much as possible in her restraints, but the effort was useless.

“I like that,” the man told her, his voice full of anticipation, “I like the struggle.”

As he spoke, Eliza felt her body split apart. His dick felt massive as he pushed himself as deep as possible. It was hard for her to breathe, and the man was thrusting furiously. Her hips hurt from where she was being held in place.

“Yeah, you’re a really slutty one huh?” the man wasn’t really asking. Only reacting to the fluids flowing from her pussy. It was the truth. Eliza was leaking everywhere on her bed from being ravaged. Whether from pain or pleasure she wasn’t sure, but tears streaked down her face. Her ass cheeks were stinging, the slaps from his rough hands sending shock waves through Eliza.

The man was grunting loudly. His thrusting more violent until in one motion, Eliza was flipped onto her back, then turned until her head was hanging from the side of her bed. He removed the panties and Eliza gulped some fresh air for the first time in a long while. Immediately her mouth was filled with his cock. Eliza gagged and saliva erupted from the sides of her mouth.

“Fuck,” the man said involuntarily. He was using his leverage to force Eliza to take every inch possible. She threw up with his cock still embedded in her throat, “Fuck yes.” was the last thing the man could say.

Cum streamed out of him and Eliza thought she might pass out from the lack of air. When he’d satisfied himself, Eliza saw through cum and spit clouded eyes back away from the bed. He was grinning as he looked down at her, proud of the filthy state he’d left Eliza in.

“If only I had a little more time,” he said aloud, “Ah, oh well. Maybe I’ll come visit you again sometime. We’ll have another fun evening.”

The man left without another word.

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