Contact Sault

Sault as a brand is coming along. It is my hope that through the remainder of the year I can get the Sault brand out to many more people. Every little bit counts. If you enjoyed one of my stories and feel comfortable sharing, please do. And follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @luthersault. Every little bit helps and I appreciate any support.

Projects & Services

Through the Furtive Agency, I offer my skills as a designer and web developer to my own clients. And for exclusive clients of the Furtive Agency. If you’re interested in one of these services, contact me through the Agency by clicking the following link. (Service Contact)

My personal projects outside of the written word can be found by clicking here.

Official Business

For business-to-business deals or any large transactions, I rely on my representatives at the Furtive Agency. I trust the Agency in every business venture I find myself in and I’m always better off with their involvement.


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