Commuter Conditions Story Cover

Commuter Conditions

A short story about the unexpected. Things that happen unexpectedly can be good or bad. Losing your job or unexpected death in the family. Those were things that would suck coming out of nowhere. But, a great blowjob from an attractive woman on the bus ride home. That was a surprise any guy would appreciate. This erotic short story is all about these exact circumstances.

Marcus is heading home from a long shift. And on the way, he ends up in an erotic encounter with a woman that normally wouldn’t look his way. Commuter Conditions is one of the only single-entry erotic short stories that I have.

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Erotica is a widely read genre, even if it’s not talked about very often. Stories with erotic themes can serve many purposes. The least of which is an obsession with sex. I view my Xotica project as a pathway towards a personal understanding of sexuality. The series offers a path for exploring the deepest, most secretive desires in a safe way. You can find more of my projects on Amazon or Apple Books. There’s also some free work available on the Wattpad platform. However, the most important updates will always be right here on my website. Click here and check back often for more details.