Commuter Conditions Cover

Stranger danger?

Public transportation is a great place to run into new people. A stranger can easily become a friend through a shared experience. Commuter Conditions, is a story I’ve been working on and off on for a while. An attempt to get into the habit of writing shorts of all kinds. Perfect for the nights you find it hard to sleep. Long enough to be interesting, but short enough not to keep you up longer than you wanted. You should always been aware of your surroundings. And I don’t condone anyone attempting to solicit a stranger in any way. Everywhere, not just public transportation.

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Commuter Conditions

It took almost an hour and a half for the 43 bus to make it from its’ first stop to the last on its route. Marcus had to sit through every minute of it. He’d gotten used to the commute, using the time to think. Or, he’d catch up on something from Netflix and the driver would tap him awake at the end. Held Sometimes, mostly when there was a football game, the train would be packed, and the trips were more interesting. Other times, the slow groan of the bus down through the streets could bore you to death.

Boredom was why Marcus had his headsets in and Porn Hub playing on his phone. He also had his jacket draped over his lap, hiding the fact he was casual stroking himself in the seat. He’d been watching since the third stop about 10 minutes ago and didn’t notice the young woman coming to sit with him until it was too late.

He tried quickly to change the app he was on but still heard the woman say in a low voice, “Too late for that. Might as well show me what you were looking at,”
“Nah, that’s okay,”  Marcus had to laugh at the situation since he still had one hand on his dick. “I’m already embarrassed enough.”

“Come on.” The young woman pressed Marcus’ wing looking at the phone in his exposed hand. “I promise I won’t laugh.” For a moment the two locked eyes. Eventually, Marcus unlocked his phone and handed it over. He’d been watching a few double penetration scenes, a personal favorite. The woman looked at the screen without an expression before scrolling down and selecting a clip she liked.

Marcus wasn’t sure what he should do. A stranger had his phone and he had his dick out on a city bus. Any hope of putting his cock away went through the window when she placed one of the buds in her ear. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked though they both knew he couldn’t refuse.

She slid closer to Marcus on the seat and he could see what she’d chosen for them to watch. A woman was laying on the seat of a van, her legs open and hanging from the side door. Two men were jacking off in front of her while a third had his cock in the woman’s mouth. The scene shifted and the men positioned the woman to spit-roast her body. Marcus recognized the style of video as digging. “I’ve always wanted to try this.” The woman whispered.

An image of her flashed in Marcus’s mind. Himself and another guy balls deep in whichever hole pleased us. His dick pulsed in the grip of his fingers. Marcus couldn’t contain himself and groaned from sensation. The woman noticed. “You like that I see,” She told him, then, leaning against his shoulders she whispered, “I know you got it out. Probably in your other hand right now. Let me see.”

Marcus didn’t fuss this time and lifted his jacket. His dick was flooded and the veins bulging with flowing blood. The shine of pre-cum could be seen on his tip. “Very nice,” She said leaning further to put her head in his lap. Her lips wrapped around his head and gently suckled. When she came up, the head was wet with her spit. She replaced her mouth with a hand and lay on him like a girlfriend resting on his shoulder.

You would think nothing of it seeing them on the bus. Just a couple headed to their destination resting against one another. The woman had found a rhythm with her strokes. Marcus kept his eyes closed enjoying the helping hand. They flew open when Marcus felt the woman’s mouth engulf him to the base of his dick. Marcus fought the urge to show his appreciation too loudly on the bus. His pants were damp where her face had been pressed.

The woman returned to stroking him with her hands. Marcus couldn’t help but close his eyes in pleasure. The pressure was building for him as the woman continued to stroke. She could hear the noises Marcus was making. It made the woman smile more. “You keep making sounds like that I might have to invite you over,” She whispered to Marcus playfully.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Marcus responded chuckling, “You gotta take advantage of the opportunities you get.”

The woman sped up her stroke and the blood in his blood intensified. It felt so good; Marcus couldn’t help but rise off the seat a little. The woman held him down, and every so often used sucked the head of his dick adding moisture to the motion of her hands. “My stops coming up,” She told him. “You better hurry.”

The pressure helped and Marcus felt his body respond with an orgasm that built from his feet. The woman had her mouth around his cock as he came. Not a bit of what came out of Marcus spilled onto his pants. She swallowed and stood as the bus was coming to a stop. As the woman gathered her things, Marcus sat stupefied and only had the brainpower to live in the glow of his experience. The woman was halfway down the aisle of the bus before she turned back and asked Marcus, “You coming or not?”.