Xotica Series
Xotica Volume 1. Remastered Corretced Cover
Xotica; Remastered – The remastered Xotica Short Stories is Luther Sault improving upon some previous work with a few story revisions and, a few additional pieces. Luther Sault is self-published and creates everything you see from the Sault brand. This project is available on Apple Books, Amazon, and other E-Reader/E-Book platforms.  The Xotica Series Erotica...
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Ritual, Short Story Cover
Magic Born of the Body Ritual Magic Many cultures have relied on the power of rituals to bring in harvests, for protection, for good luck. Rituals can be a way for us to connect with our past and our history. This story shows a more focused ritual. For a baby, there has to be sex....
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Sweet & Saulty Anthology, Official Cover
A Sweet & Saulty Anthology is a collection of adult stories, perfect for reading on those boring flights or train rides. The stories in Xotica are not for the faint of heart. Luther is willing to pursue the inclinations of lust to the very end. Willing to explore the essence of what’s taboo. This anthology...
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