Flash Fiction


Commuter Conditions Cover
It took almost an hour and a half for the 43 bus to make it from its’ first stop to the last on its route. Marcus had to sit through every minute of it. He’d gotten used to the commute, using the time to think. Or, he’d catch up on something from Netflix and the...
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Warning, the following content is erotic fiction and is meant for adult readers. The ideas and actions in this narrative are fictional, even though they are based on true events. Preface Maggie is what would have once been called a groupie. These days, the loose women who hang around studios and entertainers are commonly known...
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The First Flash Fiction Piece I’ve recently become aware of a kind of writing style called Flash Fiction. There’s a good article on what Flash Fiction is on Wikipedia. Since I’ve become aware of this style of writing, I have been pumping out ideas for them. The Proposition will be the first of the Flash...
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