Erotic Quickie
The Other Choice, Wife Sharing Stories
They say sharing is caring Wife sharing is a fetish that many people misunderstand. Some men, imagine and can fantasize about wife sharing, or cuckolding. Some of them are truly excited watching their wives sleep with other men. But just as many discover that the idea and the thought is more appealing than the act....
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Attentions from an older woman Mrs. Baker is a perfect example of erotic stories I enjoy writing the most. Writing for fetishes is fun, but stories about uncommon situations and relationships interest me much more. It’s through that type of adult fiction that I find the most pleasure in creating. Older woman are particularly attractive...
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Through the Crowd, Flash Fiction
Through the Crowd This piece is a short story I developed on a whim. More akin to flash fiction, I’ll be trying to include more work such as this in a variety of genres. Flash fiction projects are a great way to keep up your word count and hone your craft. I hope you enjoy...
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