Erotic Quickie


The Other Choice, Wife Sharing Stories
Wife sharing is a very misunderstood practice by the masses today. The way couples get into the practice differs greatly. Factors like location, upbringing, experiences during formative years all play their roles. When done correctly, sharing or even swapping spouses can save marriages. Even nature shows us that diversity only increases the chances that a...
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Flash Fiction, Adult Fiction Mrs. Baker is a perfect example of the kinds of erotic stories I enjoy writing the most. Writing for fetishes is fun for me as well, but stories about uncommon situations and relationships interest me much more. It’s through that type of adult fiction that I find the most pleasure in...
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Through the Crowd, Flash Fiction
This piece is a short story I developed on a whim. More akin to flash fiction, I’ll be trying to include more work such as this in a variety of genres. Flash fiction projects are a great way to keep up your word count and hone your craft. I hope you enjoy reading, Through the...
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