Captured In Cancun – Erotic Thriller

Captured In Cancun, Adult Fiction Series

What’s the News?

Captured in Cancun is a project I’ve been working on since the start of my writing career. Exclusively on the Wattpad platform, I have been crafting more of this story and those chapters will be added soon. I’ve taken some time to bring some of my other projects to life. But, that has only allowed me to improve on my concepts and ideas for this ongoing story. I wanted to explore themes involving abduction, felony arrests, and other dark themes in my writing. However dark this series gets, it will continue to find inspiration and occasions for things of an erotic nature.

Abduction; Quick End to the Fun

Nira believed going to Cancun with friends was the perfect way to celebrate graduation. But quickly, her life is engulfed in a desperate attempt to survive a world she had no idea existed. Nira has to use every bit of her quick thinking and strong will to make it.

More Sault Stories

Erotica is a widely read genre, even if it’s not talked about very often. Stories with erotic themes can serve many purposes. The least of which is an obsession with sex. I view the Xotica project as a pathway towards a personal understanding of sexuality. The series offers a path for exploring the deepest, most secretive desires in a safe way. You can find more of my projects on Amazon or Apple Books. I have more erotica and short stories here.