The Erotic Fetishes; Breeding Material

Fetishes are extremely complicated. They can be specific or all over the place. You can have more than one. This short story is about the breeding fetish. This fetish is one that surprisingly, many couples participate in. Sometimes the fetish is about risk and the excitement gained from risk. Other times, people are obsessed with the perceived filth of their acts. Whatever it is that drives these people to their fetish, the end result is always the same. Inclusion of that fetish in the lives of those who find it exciting.

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The Story

Breeding Material, is a short story based in the erotic genres. It highlights the experience of a couple. They recently have decided to jump back into things after months of isolation from COVID-19. For Angel, the risks of pregnancy held a special excitement. Not only the sex, but the consequences of allowing herself to be breed. Angel was more than ready to fulfill what she believed was her purpose.

The Breeding Material, Tipping Points

For Phillip, the excitement for a night of debauchery was barely containable. For them, breeding wasn’t only about  Angel becoming a vessel. Phillips role was to provide his own seed and spread it to his wife, and the other vessels there. Phillip & Angel were members of a faith that could trace its start to a time before the great flood of Noah.

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Breeding Material Story Cover