Breeding Material; An Erotic Short Story

Breeding Fetishes

Breeding Material 3D Cover, Short Erotic Story Breeding doesn’t seem like a healthy practice for a relationship. But it’s a thing and I have been traveling to learn more about these kinds of fetishes and relationships. My intent is to bring the knowledge and intrigue to readers through my adult fiction & erotica.

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Story Summary

A couple is allowing themselves a night out after a long hiatus. They both enjoy their sexually open lifestyle. The risk of her pregnancy only makes things more exciting.

Breeding Material, (Full Story)

In her vanity, Angel couldn’t help but admire the smooth skin and prominent curves of her body. The steam and aromas of Bath & Body Works was making her aroused as she added moisture to her freshly showered pores. The mirror in her vanity was perfect for catching her angles and Angel loved looking at herself naked. Angel liked being naked and, enjoyed other people looking at her naked. She was feeling like it had been too long since she’d been seen. 

Like everyone else, Angel, and her husband, Phillip had practiced as much social distancing as possible; and confined themes to their apartment during the Covid-19 crisis. At first they thought nothing of it, Phillip even mentioning he thought it’d all be over in a week. He was wrong as weeks had passed and he’d gone to working from home full time. They both were getting a little stir crazy even with the daily walks and epic nights of binge TV.

The news report that morning mentioned the Governor had relaxed the restrictions on bars and nightclubs so the couple decided to take full advantage. Both of them had been in good moods since breakfast and the morning reports. Phillip was probably ready and hour ago, but Angel wanted to feel especially slutty tonight; so she took her time. There was nothing like a good outfit to be bred in.  

Phillip hadn’t been the first person Angel had gone breeding with. She hadn’t known it to be a thing either as she’d had almost no experience with fetishes in her youth. Freshman year of college had been educating in many was as her boyfriend at the time had a few kinks. He was the first of many things Angel would find fun. The first time Angel had been bred was during a threesome. Feeling a man erupt inside her had always been satisfying for Angel but she hadn’t known there was a name for it. 

Angel smiled at the thought of her younger self and the things she used to get into. She was still a wild woman, however the activities had become more sophisticated. Angel preferred the safety and class she’d gained but the raw excitement of those early days had a certain appeal. Drugs, boys, and fun had been all that was on Angel’s mind. Her ex and his best friend had cum in her six or seven times that day and Angel had loved it. 

Angel heard Phillip call out from down stairs, “The bags are ready and so am I whenever you are.”

“Okay,” she answered, “Just a few more minutes and I’ll be down.” Angel knew he wasn’t rushing her. They had a very good relationship and their biggest disagreements had only ever been what to watch before going to bed. 

Angel had decided to wear a dark thong, something that could be easily pulled aside and didn’t put on a bra at all. Instead of an outfit, Angel draped a long coat over her and slipped into her shoes. There was a final look in the mirror and quick spritz of conditioner on her dark hair, and Angel felt ready to be the best cum slut she could be. 

“I like the way you’re thinking,” Phillip said as Angel stepped of the landing. They exchanged a quick, sweet kiss.

Angel opened the front of the coat revealing her bare breasts, “I knew you would and I’m so excited. We haven’t been out in a while.”

“True,” Phillip said, “and we’re changing that now. Let’s go,” and with that Phillip grabbed his keys. 

The club wasn’t very far but Angel was still anxious about arriving. She could tell Phillip was doing his best to contain his excitement too. All members of the club had their own parking spaces and as they parked, Angel felt her anxiousness peak. “I wonder how many people are coming tonight?” she asked nervously.

“No idea,” Phillip said looking around the parking deck, “There’s a good number of cars, but you never know.”

The lobby looked as it usually did and the pair made their way to the locker room. All members had their own lockers and it was often the way you first met people at the club. There were a few new faces but no one they knew in the life. 

The club offered several different rooms depending on what you wanted to do on any given night. There were common areas like the bar and dance floor, and a cigar room for smokers. The common areas were places in the club you could bring guests to get an idea of what to expect when considering membership. Beyond the common areas, there were the play rooms where almost anything was possible.

Angel and Phillip had visited all of them, and they had their favorites. Phillip had the most fun when Angel was in the mood for the free use room and he could fuck a few different women who liked the idea of men coming to use them at will. Angel’s favorite was a tie between the glory holes, sucking strangers while Phillip had his dick in her; or the orgy rooms where the free for all of bodies appeared like it’s own living thing. 

“You ready?” Phillip asked after he’d changed into some cotton shorts and placed their bags into their locker.

Angel reached up to hold his face still and kissed him, “Ready.”

The breeding room was on the floor above the locker room. The name of the room was pretty self explanatory as those who visited it came to fill or be filled. Like many of the rooms of the club, it was darkened and the little lighting there was, was only there for ambiance. A woman had her face pressed into the lap of a very tall black man in the corner of the room. Seeing them erased whatever nerves Angel had and replaced them with desire. 

There were several places free to get comfortable. Angel let Phillip lead her into a darkened corner and directed her to sit down. The anticipation Angel felt light a weight pressing against her body. Phillip pulled her head up by the chin, “Take your coat off,” he said, and she obeyed. 

In the darkness, Angel’s skin was glowing under the black lights. She let out a soft gasp as Phillip played with her nipples between his fingers. With his free hand, Phillip dropped his shorts to the floor and Angel took him into her mouth instinctively. Phillip made her switch so that he was sitting and she was bent over with her ass in the air. 

She felt hands grip her ass and Angel tried to see who it was. Phillip kept her head down and her mouth around his cock. A large head of a penis rubbed against her exposed lips and Angel quivered in the darkness. The strangers hands gripped Angel’s ass tighter as he pushed her open and forced her legs wider with his feet. She got wetter as her body made room. The strangers thrusts became stronger, he reached deeper. 

Angel moaned, gagging as Phillip completed her spit roasting pushing her head down as far as possible. The thrusts became frantic and Angel knew she was closed to being filled. She came when he did and Angel relished feeling the warmth empty inside her. 

Phillip stood then stepped away. Another cock was placed in Angel’s mouth immediately. This one was wider and saliva flew from her mouth when it hit the back of her throat. Phillip’s familiar hands spread her ass and he entered with more ease. Angel loved her husbands length and came hard several times. When Phillip exploded in her, Angel could feel the fluids flowing down her legs. Another pair of hands replaced Phillips and he returned so that she could taste the combination of liquids. 

Angel lost count of the loads she took that night. She’d orgasmed past sense and she felt gloriously filthy when she and Phillip finally headed to the showers. Under the steam in the private showers, Angel made love to her husband. He filled her twice more before they cleaned up and got dressed. The couple decided to have a drink at the bar before they left. They had to turn down several offers, even though they were very tempted. 

When Angel was done with her margarita, she turned to Phillip and said sweetly, “Next time honey, we’ll go to the room you like.”

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