Brace Face Stacey

Brace Face Stacey; Freaks & Nerds
Brace Face Stacey; Story about Jocks, Freaks & Nerds

The Social Structure

By the time any of us are college-aged in America, there can be several hats you wear. The old terms for grouping or categorizing students in schools are dying and terms such as jocks, or nerds are being used less and less. But, there are some places in the country that things are much the same. The same small towns. The same terms. Goth kids, metal-heads, geeks, nerds, jocks all still exist. It also happens that a lot of athletic talent comes from these small places.

This short story is about Donny. A jock who is overly concerned with his “image”, is secretly meeting up with Stacey. Stacey is a freak in all of the better ways you could think of. Organizing field trips for students again could/should allow us to mold actual talent. The braced-faced nerd is willing to go places sexually that no one has had with him before.

Nerds Are Freaks

Many of us remember the classic line from American Pie; “This one time, at band camp…”. It speaks to the fascination that we have with blending sexy with innocence. When sexual situations or energy is coming from someone the act doesn’t normally fit; the effect can be compelling. Geeks & Nerds can have an aura of being non-sexual. People who are obsessed with learning and topics that most would not find fun or interesting. There is also the urban thought that young women who are “nerds” have the potential of being extremely sexual beings. And usually, they are sex-deprived.

I even need to be careful using the term, Freaks. In the past, it was a term that was used to describe a specific kind of student of that era. I’m using it in a more modern way. Nerds of this era have an underlying stereotype of being hyper-sexual. Or, Freaks. Whether they are band geeks or math nerds, this stereotype is something that many men and women fetishize.

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Brace Face Stacey

None of his friends knew, but Donny had a major crush on a freshman. But not just any freshman. Brace Face Stacy. The royal queen of nerds. You woud think that anyone living after 2020 would not wear pleated skirts and checkerboard sweaters. She’d walk the campus looking as out of place as someone from the 1940’s.

And If that wasn’t bad enough, she was a Grade-A, certified nerd. Short, hardly any ass at all, thick glasses that looked like they belonged in the 1960’. And she wore braces. The poor girl had the worst case of bad genetic luck. Until he’d met Stacey, Donny thought it was a law that said you couldn’t have braces after high school. If it wasn’t thenit should be.

He was smart enough to know he couldn’t let the truth get out. What’s the truth? Donny was a frequent visitor to Stacey’s. It helped that she didn’t live on campus. Whenever he left football practice, Donny would make his way to the quiet street Stacey lived on. A large tulip poplar in her yard could be seen from beginning of the street. And at this point, Donny usually began to have strange thoughts and feelings.

Excitement was one of the feelings, but it was not the only one. There was an unexplained level of nervousness that Donny couldn’t explain or shake as quickly as he wante. Standing in the pocket with two defenders on a blitz and eighty thousand screamig people in the stands; Donny was cool as the air conditioner in the winter time. But walking to Stacey’s were putting butterflies in his stomach? It didn’t make sense.

Fifty yards from her house, Donny sent Stacey a text, “Almost there. Basically outside.” Donny slowed down, waiting for the response bubbles to pop up.”

Okay, I’m coming to the door.”
As Donny put his phone away, he could feel his heart pumping in his chest. Adrenaline was making it hard to tell if he was more excited or nervous. Donny pushed everything he was feeling down as much as possible.

“Hey,” Stacey greeted him as Donny reached the door.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Not much, I was studying. But I’m at a good place to take a break. Come on in,” Stacey closed and locked her door behind Donny as he walked in.
Her house was the way he remembered. She had a room mate, but Donny hadn’t seen her any of the times he’d been by. Not even the nights he slept over.

“We all alone again?” Donny asked.
“Yeah, Rebecca’s working tonight.”
“Okay, that’s cool,” They hadn’t moved far from the door but were standing very close to one another. A dull knife could cut the sexual tension in the air.
“Do you want something to drink?” Stacey said breaking the tension slightly.
“Yeah, whatcha got?”
“There’s a little juice left, a few random sodas,” Stacey told him, moving towards the kitchen as she spoke, “and there’s water.”
“I’ll take a soda,” Donny said following her into the kitchen.

The house was set up for college students. A central living/dining room and kitchen were telltale signs of the room mate floor plan. Anyone who spent time as a college student would recognize the layout. Stacey handed him a Sprite, but Donny didn’t open it.

“I wish I thought to bring some beer,” Donny said looking at the beverage in his hand.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you would want that.”
“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Donny gently pulled Stacey’s attention back his way, “You don’t gotta say sorry cause there’s nothing to be sorry for.”
“Okay,” Stacey was always shy at first. But only at first. Whenever she got comfortable, the real her would come out.
“You got something you have to do tonight?” Donny asked. It wasn’t a beer but the fizz of the soda felt good going down.
“No, nothing that I can’t do tomorrow.” Her eyes were a bright autumn brown. Stacey seemed as excited or nervous as Donny felt a few minutes ago. She looked as if she was expecting something. He decided to try something.
“Today, you’re going to follow all of my directions.” Donny told her
“Okay,” Stacey replied.
“Good girl,” Donny said, he was already rock hard. But he kept himself in check. He wondered how far he could take things, “Get us some waters and lets go to your room.”

Stacey complied and as Donny followed her into the bedroom, his cock was rock hard and searching for a way out of his jeans. Stacey, nerd or not, had a great body. She rarely wore anything to give that bit of info away but she had it. Donny felt his mouth water with anticipation. Stacey was pale and even in the lower light of her bedroom her skin seemed to glow.

“Come here,” Donny told her once the door was shut. Stacey approached him slowly. Almost timidly. She was wearing a pair of faded blue sweat pants and a way too big t-shirt. Donny moved to feel her breasts in his hands. Hidden, but he’d seen them before. He knew how perfect they were. His fingers found their way under her shirt to her nipples. Stacey was squriming in moments.

It wasn’t in Donny’s plans to rush things. But he did direct Stacey to her bed. He stayed on his feet. Her moans were mesmerising. Donny was consumed with the way she looked in the moment. He took in every detail of her face as she moved underneath his touch. She bit her bottom lip and for whatever reason, seeing just a little bit of her braces brought out a hunger in Donny.

He stopped everything he was doing to take in everything about Stacey. Donny struggled to know what he wanted first as he looked down at her. Stacey stared longingly back at him. Her brunette hair fell over he shoulders. Her lips were pink, puffy and Donny could picture how perfectly his dick would look parting them.

The moment was too intense to not enjoy fully. But he still had a point to make. There was still work to do. Donny could feel he was on the edge of something life changing. All he needed to do is play his part. And that meant controling things. The more Donny took control, the more relaxed Stacey seemed to get; and was more comfortable now than when he arrived.

“Open your mouth,” Donny commanded without moving himself. He watched as Stacey obeyed. She opened her mouth wide, extending her tongue just enough to wet her bottom lip. Donny approached her on the bed, “Get me ready,” Donny told her.

Stacey unzipped his jeans. Then, Donny pushed the denim and his boxers down in one motion. Stacey grabbed him by the dick, holding his balls gently in one hand, slowly stroking his shaft in the other.
“What do you want me to do now?” she asked. Donny responded by putting one of his large hands behind her head. Instinct took over from there. Donny’s hand placement was for his own balanec. Stacey didn’t need to be motivated.

She started slowly, but after awhile, it looked like Stacey was slamming her head into his waist. And it was sloppy. Every time he heard that gawk gawk sound, Donny got harder. When he looked down, Stacey’s face was slick with her own saliva. He couldn’t say why he did it, but Donny followed a sudden urge to add his own saliva to the mix.

Her first reaction was surprise. That was understandable. However, Stacey’s second reaction wasn’t something Donny expected at all. He felt her moan and the vibrations moved through his entire body. Stacey seemed to relish in the filth of it all. Donny’s hand hadn’t left the back of her head, but his grip had tightened. Stacey was using his legs to brace herself.

“Fuck,” Donny groaned involuntarily. Stacey performed like a woman possessed. He had intended not to cum this quickly, but that had become out of his control.

Stacey slowed down, but sucked with more purpose. Donny could feel the eruption building. His sanity was barely intact. Stacey pressed the issue and brought Donny so deep, he could feel the bend in her throat. He could have gone then. The experience was truly out of body.

When Stacey released him from her throat to breathe, Donny couldn’t take his eyes away. She was covered in gleaming bands of saliva. Not the shy & unsure person that invited Donny in. Even in all that filth, Stacey was smiling. Those braces again. He hadn’t felt them once. What Donny did know was he was no longer in control of his body. He was going to cum hard. And Stacey’s braces was the thing to ignite him.

“Don’t move,” Donny told her. Stacey obeyed. The instant after, Donny released waves. His cum coated everything it touched. Stacey seemed to relish in it. She couldn’t stop smiling. He hadn’t gone soft at all. Naked, and comfortable, Stacey seemed nothing like the young woman the school knew. There was nothing nerdy or geekish about what they’d done. Donny wanted to do more.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Donny told said, breathing heavily, “I hadn’t planned on leaving.”
“That makes me happy,” Stacey replied. She made no attempts to remove the filth from her face, “I want more.”
Donny didn’t remember taking his shirt off, but it was, “You’ll get it.
“Okay daddy,” Stacey purred and reached for her phone on the bedside table. Aparrantly, she had no reservations with filth. Made obvious by the amount of selfies Stacey was taking.
Donny, quickly got a few of them to his phone. All of Stacey smiling. Her face glistening with cum. Yet again it was the braces to ignite things. Lust was growing within him again.
“Bend over,” Donny told her as he stood up from the bed, “Lets see how good you are at taking selfies and backshots at the same time.”