Brace Face Stacey; Freaks & Nerds
Brace Face Stacey; Story about Jocks, Freaks & Nerds

The Social Structure

By the time any of us are college-aged in America, there can be several hats you wear. The old terms for grouping or categorizing students in schools are dying and terms such as jocks, or nerds are being used less and less. But, there are some places in the country that things are much the same. The same small towns. The same terms. Goth kids, metal-heads, geeks, nerds, jocks all still exist. It also happens that a lot of athletic talent comes from these small places.

This short story is about Donny. A jock who is overly concerned with his “image”, is secretly meeting up with Stacey. Stacey is a freak in all of the better ways you could think of. Organizing field trips for students again could/should allow us to mold actual talent. The braced-faced nerd is willing to go places sexually that no one has had with him before.

Nerds Are Freaks

Many of us remember the classic line from American Pie; “This one time, at band camp…”. It speaks to the fascination that we have with blending sexy with innocence. When sexual situations or energy is coming from someone the act doesn’t normally fit; the effect can be compelling. Geeks & Nerds can have an aura of being non-sexual. People who are obsessed with learning and topics that most would not find fun or interesting. There is also the urban thought that young women who are “nerds” have the potential of being extremely sexual beings. And usually, they are sex-deprived.

I even need to be careful using the term, Freaks. In the past, it was a term that was used to describe a specific kind of student of that era. I’m using it in a more modern way. Nerds of this era have an underlying stereotype of being hyper-sexual. Or, Freaks. Whether they are band geeks or math nerds, this stereotype is something that many men and women fetishize.

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