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Book Covers

Book Cover Design by Luther Sault

So much about what makes design “good” is what makes design art. An effective book cover requires a piece that communicates the points an author wants to hit on. But without sacrificing the elements that make it artwork. I have a lot of experience designing for others, especially other artists and entertainers. I want to offer this experience to any aspiring author who’s unsure about what their covers should look like. Deciding how your book cover looks is an important decisions. Your choice will be the first impression a reader will have of your work. “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” is only relevant when you’re not trying to sell one. For those of us who have dreams of providing for our families with writing, that first impression is critical.

Digital Media Design/Web Development

If you need a book cover for your next project, or even something else, send me a message and I’d be happy to provide a design consult. I’ve recently accepted an opportunity to become an agent for, the Furtive Agency, and can provide access to the agency for any creatives who are interested. You can see some of my book cover and other artwork on the Furtive Agency website. If you enjoy short stories, or adult fiction, my anthology Xotica 2 should have something you will like.

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