No Advice, is the Best Advice

think like a man act like a lady

Taking advice is good when you can accept it objectively. But,  you need to know yourself to know how to apply any advice to your life. Social media makes it easy to believe life is supposed to be one way or another. The same way books can influence thinking and has been influencing thinking for much longer than any of our modern tools. The saying, don’t believe everything you read, exists for a reason.

I was taught how to read very early in life, something I’m extremely proud of. That love for reading led me to pick up books, newspapers, and anything else written in English. The love of reading led me to a book by Steve Harvey called, Act like A Lady, Think Like A Man. It is well written and had some interesting points. Imagining Steve Harvey narrating it was its own reward in many ways. However, there are things I disagree with.  Steve’s thoughts on the relationships between men and women makes me think about relationships you can have with anyone. The points made feel like generalizations. Generalizations can be bad when used in any sense, but can be especially hurtful in relationships. It’s my opinion that you have to deal with all people, in any relationship type, as individuals.

When speaking specifically about dating and romantic relationships, the complications of life are so infinite you couldn’t possibly hope to use any “method” to determine who to spend your time with. We’ve all been told that each of us is unique. I believe that. I believe the only way to ever truly find love is by being yourself completely. You have to learn the unique human being you love then you have to love them more the more you learn.