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Xotica, Part 2

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A Sweet & Saulty Anthology

Samantha; A Sibling Surprise – Free Erotica from Luther Sault

Free Erotica This short story is another entry into the erotica genre. This and other free erotica will be made available on this and through other platforms. I’m very close to the release of my Xotica 3 project as well as Xotica (Remastered). Both will be separate releases, bring brand new short stories, and have...
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Breeding Material; An Erotic Short Story

Breeding Material; Erotic Short Stories

Breeding Fetishes Breeding doesn’t seem like a healthy practice for a relationship. But it’s a thing and I have been traveling to learn more about these kinds of fetishes and relationships. My intent is to bring the knowledge and intrigue to readers through my adult fiction & erotica. More Erotica & Other Short Stories Do...
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High Altitude Encounter; 23,000 Feet with a Hot Wife

A Mile High with a Hot Wife The stories of mine that seem to perform the best are those involving a woman, usually married in a compromising position. That interest has lead me to craft a few stories that could be considered as a Hot Wife or a Cuckold fantasy. Surprisingly, writing stories involving people...
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Luther Sault; Romance, Adult Fiction & Erotic Short Stories

I have always loved reading. In my childhood I preferred reading books over video games or television. An emphasis on reading early in life has been a major influence on me. My mother, an English teacher, instilled a love for the written word that has proven to be essential to my well being. I can find peace and  refuge in books just as easily as information. That love of reading eventually put the desire to write my own stories. As an adult writing fiction, romance, and short erotic stories has become as natural as breathing. The intention is to bring more of these stories out of my notebooks, flash cards, and loose leaf papers; and out to be consumed.

Erotic Short Stories

There are several projects in the works. The Xotica Series, being my main focus, is an anthology of erotic short stories that I hope can be read in small increments. These short stories are prefect for the bathroom or the personal moments you spend relaxing before bed. I envision my stories being useful and interesting on a variety of occasions. Written to be finished in a single sitting, my erotic short stories offer a way to escape the monotony of life.

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