Xotica 3 - Coming Soon

This will be the third installment of my Xotica anthology series. I expect this project to be available Summer, 2021.

Xotica 2 - Now Available

The third published project, the second in his Xotica Series. Xotica 2 is available on Smashwords & Amazon (Kindle Only).

St. Augustine's

St. Augustine’s is the latest short story release from Luther Sault. This piece is anticipated to be included in the next Xotica project. You can read it here.

Ritual Short Story Cover

Ritual - Available on WattPad

Ritual follows a young woman desperate to have a child of her own. Desperate enough to do anything. Even turn to the supernatural.

Luther Sault; Romance, Adult Fiction & Erotic Short Stories

I have always loved reading. Even in my childhood I preferred books to games or television. The emphasis on reading early in my life has been a major influence on me. I can find peace and  refuge in books just as easily as information. That love of reading eventually put the desire to write my own stories. Now as an adult, writing fiction, romance, and short erotic stories has become as natural as breathing. The intention is to bring more of these stories out of my notebooks and loose leaf papers and out to be consumed.

There are several projects in the works. The Xotica Series, being my main focus, is an anthology of erotic short stories that I hope can be read in small increments. These short stories are prefect for the bathroom or the personal moments you spend relaxing before bed.

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