Ritual Short Story Cover

Ritual (Erotic, Short Story)

Dawnice has always wanted a child of her own. She has almost everything she ever wanted. The husband who loved her, the career that intrigued her. Dawnice felt life would be perfect with a child and she was getting desperate. Every medical specialist they’d seen had told them that conceiving would be impossible for Dawnice. […]

Commuter Conditions Cover

Commuter Conditions, (Erotic Flash Fiction)

It took almost an hour and a half for the 43 bus to make it from its’ first stop to the last on its route. Marcus had to sit through every minute of it. He’d gotten used to the commute, using the time to think. Or, he’d catch up on something from Netflix and the […]

Captured In Cancun Cover Art

Captured In Cancun, The Series

I’ve started a series on Wattpad called, Captured In Cancun. It’s based on a young, Indian-American woman who gets captured while on vacation in Mexico. I’m very excited about this project as I’m using it as a way to motivate my word quotas. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out A Sweet […]


Swapping, NSFW, (Erotica)

Recently, I’ve discovered the website for writers, Wattpad.  Naturally, I made an account and have decided to begin putting some materials there. No worries, I’ll be sure to update the site whenever these stories are posted! Swapping, The Story (Erotica) This short is featured in Xotica 1.5, as well so if you enjoy it, you’ll […]


How you approach a problem is just as important as the solution. #Peace & #Love - If you’re bored and enjoy #erotica, check this out | https://luthersault.com | #blackauthors #blackwriters #shortstories #selfpublished

How we use our #energy is important. Be wise in your movements. Appreciate everything and spread good energy. Fuck everything else. #Peace & #Love - If you’re bored and enjoy #erotica, check this out | https://luthersault.com | #blackauthors #adultfiction #shortstories #ttlanta

You gotta have so much toughness to live in our world, that's probably been true forever. But, as always keep pushing and #Goodmorning #atlanta #blackauthors #endingthenegativity #erotica

I don’t know exactly what’s coming, but it’s big. Keep those who keep you. #Peace & #Love | If you’re bored and enjoy #erotica, check this out | https://luthersault.com | #blackauthors #blackwriters #shortstories #selfpublished #motivation #goodreads #shortstories #eroticshorts

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