Xotica 3 - Coming Soon

This will be the third installment of my Xotica anthology series. I expect this project to be available Summer, 2021.

Xotica 2 - Now Available

The third published project, the second in his Xotica Series. Xotica 2 is available on Smashwords & Amazon (Kindle Only).

St. Augustine's

St. Augustine’s is the latest short story release from Luther Sault. This piece is anticipated to be included in the next Xotica project. You can read it here.

Ritual Short Story Cover

Ritual - Available on WattPad

Ritual follows a young woman desperate to have a child of her own. Desperate enough to do anything. Even turn to the supernatural.

The Author, Luther Sault

I learned how to read at a high level very early in life, and the love of reading has been the key to any of my successes. Writing is a natural part of reading in my mind. It feels obvious to me that someone should keep a pen and paper close by while reading. You never know what you’ll need to write down. My name, Luther Sault, is a chosen one. The name was developed to provide a different perspective for myself and to establish a way to create erotic materials that could be harmful in specialized professional environments.

Erotic Shorts, Adult Fiction, and other upcoming projects

Improvement has been a major goal for me this year. Efforts to write beyond the erotic genre, and into romance and other things have increased. I expect to have more information about the romance I’ve been writing to be available soon. I’ve also recently secured representation and management from the Furtive Agency. A decision I like more every day.

Xotica Series, Erotic Anthologies

The idea for my first anthology, Xotica 1,  sparked the need to recreate myself. From that, I have been able to produce several pieces that I’m proud of. Most of my work will either be based or contain high amounts of erotic material. But, that’s not all my written work will be. I plan on writing in all genres; romance, comedy, and everything in between.