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The Adventures of Luther Sault

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The Furtive Agency

I’ve always been the type of person that enjoys building within a team. The Furtive Agency is how I plan to grow my own brand and be a part of building the brands of others.

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Exclusive SAULT Content
Wattpad Exclusives

Some of my short stories and other projects will be only available on certain platforms. One of those platforms that will hold some of these exclusive works is Wattpad.

Exclusive Sault Content

I’m glad you’re here

This is the official home of Luther Sault. As an author, I write stories within several genres, including erotica, romance, comedy, and more recently, thrillers. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and my stories have elements that are pointedly southern, but always sexy. I write erotica because I enjoy reading erotica. When you’re reading good erotica, you could think you were having and out of body experience. But I write in other genres as well. If you are interested in reading any of my adult fiction or erotica, clicking here will take you to the most recent releases. I have some exclusive content on the Wattpad platform.

Creative Background

Short stories are only a small part of my creative range. My work includes sketches & drawings, canvas paintings, woodworking, music, and other more hands-on forms of art. There are plans in the works to showcase more of this work from Luther, but for now, his written works and sketch/drawings artwork will be the materials released to the public. This other artwork will be available in several forms. Including signed prints & originals, as well as digital downloads. Eventually, some of this work may dive into the realm of NFTs.

There isn’t a limit to the ways I may chose to challenge myself as an artist. Creativity and adaptation go hand in hand, so it makes sense that creativity means survival.